3 Crimes Scene Cleanup Myths Demystified

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For most people, the topic of crime scenes, just like death, is one they would love to avoid as much as they can. That is why the little they know about crime scene cleanup is unverified information. They probably got this information from primetime crime television shows or from their friends. Unsurprisingly, what many people perceive as crime scene cleanup truths are bare myths.

While you might want to avoid the topic as much as possible, it is important to acquit yourself with the facts surrounding crime scenes. Remember, the process isn’t just about hi-tech analysis, resources and general cleanup. There is much more that goes into it. Ideally, it goes beyond the myths you probably believe about crime scene cleanup and the people involved in it. We will demystify some of these myths.

Law enforcement teams handle crime scene  cleanup

This is probably one of the biggest myths peddled around. You need to understand that the basic role of law enforcement professionals is to examine the crime scene and collect essential evidence from the scene. Their work is to put together important information and nothing more. Ideally, they do not have a cleanup team to take care of the scene.

Apart from collecting the evidence, it is possible for investigators to contribute to the spreading of biohazards present at the crime scenes. By going deeper to collect information, they can spread chemicals, sprays and other components that might be harmful to the people around.

Crime scene cleanup teams help solve crime mysteries

Just like popular TV shows display, many people are tempted to believe that crime scene cleanup crews play a role in solving murder cases. The truth is that most crime scene cleanup troops are sent after the investigators are done examining the area and collecting necessary evidence.

The role of professional cleanup crews is not to examine traces of remaining evidence but to thoroughly clean up the affected area. Actually, their job is to completely eliminate any traces of the incident and help the affected people move on.

You only need them in homicide scenes

If you believe this, it is possibly because of the various investigative movies, you have watched. In such setups, crime scene cleanup experts only come when there is a homicide case to handle. Unknown to them, homicide scenes have the least of work for these experts. The bulk of the work lies in unattended death and suicide cases where significant damages are imminent on the affected areas. As such, you need the services of Houston crime scene removal experts in any biohazard case; it doesn’t have to be homicide.

You need understand and be able to separate myths from facts where suicide, traumatic road accidents and homicide cleanup is concerned. Do not be one of those people who confuse the role of crime scene cleanup experts and law enforcement authorities. With myths at bay, you will have an easier time dealing with these experts should there be any unfortunate incident.

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