3 Reasons Your Crown Agency Needs Board Portal Software

Crown agencies need seamless and secure communication tools because board directors need to be on top of the latest board changes and updates. Directors are also entrusted with significant authority to make decisions. Good governance requires all directors to receive board information at the same time so that they all receive equal opportunity to comment and provide feedback at and in between meetings.

Any organization which has a strong need to promote transparency and good governance should get the most suitable modern tools possible to help achieve these goals, and that’s why Crown agencies around North America are turning to board portal software. Here are 3 of just some of the reasons why your Crown agency needs board portal software.

Centralized, Seamless Communication

Board portal software helps Crown agencies say goodbye to the days of toggling back and forth between emails and chats — board portal software reduces inefficiency by having one location in which all communication takes place. Directors can use whatever device they personally prefer to communicate with other directors.

This cloud-based software is accessible via laptop, desktop, and tablet. The software acts as a secure repository for all important board material, such as minutes from meetings, agendas, attendance reports, and upcoming board materials.

The library of material is always accessible, because board portal software can be used online and offline — the best portals even sync up automatically when reconnected to Wi-Fi. Because it’s all stored on the cloud, there’s no need to spend money on courier services to deliver documents in hard copy — and this reduces costs, makes collaboration easier, and even improves your Crown agency’s carbon footprint. You can read this to drive board engagement and also see how having the right communication technology can increase your board’s efficiency.

Smart Tools for Collaboration

Directors don’t need to be in the same location to work together when they use board portal software. This software makes it easy for directors to share documents and leave comments or questions in the margins.

There’s even a special polling feature so directors can remotely vote on issues that require consensus. These tools make it easy for directors to keep on top of all relevant board information.

Total Security

The boards of Crown agencies are likely to encounter sensitive data belonging to thousands or even millions of people. In an era marked by numerous high-profile hacks targeting multinational corporations and prominent political parties, security is paramount.

Board portal software uses advanced encryption algorithms to keep information from getting into the wrong hands. Industry leading providers always let you store your data anywhere in the world, and they’ll always use servers which adhere to independent, third-party requirements for security certification.

If a device goes missing, its board data can be wiped remotely — and this prevents data breaches. Role-based permissions make it easy to control who in your organization can access what documents. It’s easy to change the settings so that lawyers or auditors have temporary access.

Modern Crown agencies need the latest tools to keep board members connected securely. That’s why Crown agencies and other organizations with similar goals are already depending on board portal software.

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