9 Tips and 20 Questions

By Promoshin.com, Special for USDR

Promoshin, the highest-volume explainer video production studio on the web, is releasing a new book “Explainer Yourself! How to Do Explainer Videos the Right Way.”  The book provides readers with an opportunity to learn about explainer videos through the eyes of Founder Ben Marvazi, whose team at Promoshin.com has produced thousands of video projects for clients all over the world across a huge range of industries.

“The expert knowledge in this book will help our readers focus their video project, avoid mistakes, cut costs, and make their marketing messages convincing so they can grow their business. The advice is valuable whether they use our service or our competitors’,” says Marvazi. “The book follows an explainer video project from idea to finished product and beyond.”

Explain Yourself! helps readers launch their projects by addressing 10 critical self-analysis questions to let them focus on essential content, style, and marketing choices. Readers also learn the pros and cons of 10 popular explainer video styles so they can choose the style that best matches their goals. The book also includes the five-step script formula for telling a great marketing story while increasing sales conversation rates.

In addition, the book explains nine effective pro tips for script length, conciseness, animation styles, voiceover languages, translations, calls to action, and more. To help readers chose the best video production company for their project, the book also gives readers 20 smart questions to ask companies before hiring. To learn more about the company and to purchase “Explainer Yourself! How to Do Explainer Videos the Right Way”, visit  Promoshin.com.

About Promoshin

Promoshin is the highest-volume explainer video production studio on the web, having created thousands of videos for clients all over the world. For more information, visit  Promoshin.com.

SOURCE Promoshin.com

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