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Just in time to find itself in the middle of the debate between Democrat political consultant Hilary Rosen and the spouse of the GOP’s presumptive nominee, Ann Romney, a leading website on monitoring wages weighed in on the subject of what a wife and mother’s services are worth. Last week, released its yearly average for what stay-at-home and working mothers would make if they were paid an annual salary for theirwork.

“The data really speaks for itself – a mother’s work is valuable and tangible,” said Abby Euler, general manager at  “We want to make sure that moms get the recognition and appreciation theydeserve.”

Rosen vs, Romney, Weighs In

For the 12th consecutive year,’s Mom Salary Wizard has helped put a real dollar amount on all that moms do, both in and out of the home. The company collects data from actual mothers – both stay-at-home and working – to provide how many hours go into their mothering duties athome.

This year more than 8,000 moms quantified their hours by job description in order to compute the yearly average. Based on this data, determined that the average stay-at-home mom juggles a 94.7 hour work week and a working mom manages 57.9 hours of work at home per week, in addition to the time she spends atwork.

Taking into account overtime and using salary data provided by employers, an average stay-at-home mom’s 2012 total salary would be $112,962. A working mom’s at-home 2012 salary would be $66,979. A working mom’s at-home salary should be combined with her actual work salary in order to determine her yearlycompensation.

Moms and their families can visit’s Mom Salary Wizard ( to calculate Mom’s salary and create a “mom paycheck” for Mother’sDay., a division of Kenexa, provides credible consumer compensation data reported by HR professionals in the most recent, publicly available surveys from well-recognized and highly reputable companies. is dedicated to providing people with the tools, advice and data they need to understand and reach their full earning potential. Additional information about, founded in 1999, can be accessed at Follow on Twitter:@salary.

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