Cruz Calls for Referendum to Use Wind Credits to Pay Electricity Bills for 124M Americans

By  MRCTV, Special for USDR

Video-Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) today called for a referendum to spend taxpayers’ $13 billion that would go to a two-year extension of wind tax credits to pay the electricity bills of 124 million Americans, instead.

In a speech at the Heritage Foundation, Cruz said Americans would easily vote to use the $13 billion of taxpayer money spent on “the infamous wind production tax credits” to pay the electricity bills for 124 million Americans:

“Talking about wind. A two-year extension of wind credits alone costs taxpayers more than $13 billion – which is enough to pay the monthly electricity bills for 124 million Americans. How about putting that up for a referendum? Do we continue to benefit one favored industry, or do we pay the electricity bill for 124 million Americans? You know what, I don’t think that would be a close vote for the American people.”

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