Eric Holder: Forget Contempt, Let’s Impeach

By Tom Thurlow, Special for US Daily Review.

Admittedly, I thought Eric Holder was damaged goods before he was nominated to be President Obama’s Attorney General.  Recall that in January, 2001, President Bill Clinton was on his way out of office and suddenly a swarm of presidential pardons was announced, including pardons for two fugitives, 24 drug dealers, a child molester, and the president’s ne’er-do-well brother, Roger Clinton.

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The pardons for the fugitives were especially aggravating: a presidential pardon is supposed to be considered after the judicial system has run its course and for various reasons the defendant is seen as unfairly treated.  In the case of a fugitive, the defendant has so far escaped even an arrest, much less a conviction, so a pardon while evading justice is pretty ridiculous, or “disgraceful,” as former president Jimmy Carter said at the time.

Holder has a history of making law enforcement a "risky business."

Then-Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder was the legal advisor for those fugitive pardons.  Of course, it was President Clinton who actually granted the pardons, but still.

It was also doubted that the Justice Department had been informed of the developments of the fugitive pardons, and apparently some financial contributions had been made.  By the time the smoke cleared, Eric Holder admitted that he had made mistakes and that he should have been more forthcoming with other attorneys at the Justice Department and well, this will cause him to be a better Attorney General.  Promise.

This was a couple years after a different pardon problem.  In 1999 Holder had advised President Clinton in the commutations of several convicted Puerto Rican terrorists.  People had actually been killed and the perpetrators had been sentenced to prison.  The prosecutors and victims’ families opposed any idea of a pardon.

But no matter.  At the time, Hillary Clinton was running for senator from New York, and it was probably just a coincidence that Hillary Clinton’s campaign would benefit from some outreach to the local Puerto Rican community.

So when President-elect Barack Obama nominated Eric Holder to be his Attorney General, eye-brows in the Senate were raised, but the usual deference was given to the new president and Holder was confirmed.  Now, there will be a June 20 contempt vote set in the House of Representatives because of some subpoenaed documents that were not delivered, but the House should instead be voting on the impeachment of Eric Holder.

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