Five Ways to Turn Each Other On Without Being in the Same Room


Although many of us would love to spend all day and night in bed with our partners, unfortunately this isn’t usually possible. Work, education, study and family commitments can often get in the way when it comes to how much time alone we spend with our significant other, and many couples are forced to survive in long distance relationships in order to pursue their individual goals or fulfil individual commitments. Even couples who aren’t in long distance relationships are finding that they spend less and less time together. So, how can you keep the spark in your relationship alive even if you’re not in the same  room?

Sexy  Texts

Sending steamy text messages to your loved one can be one of the best ways to turn them on without even being there in person. Simply telling them what you’re going to do with them next time you see them, and describing in detail what you can’t wait for them to do to you, is usually enough to get them thinking about you all day long. When you’re far away from your loved one, texts can definitely help to increase the sexual tension and when you finally do get together, you’ll barely be able to  wait.

Video  Calling

When you can’t be together, the next best thing can be a video call. Using an app such as Skype or FaceTime allows you to both see and speak to each other as if you were in person. Video calling can be an excellent way to spice up your relationship and help you both grow closer, since the fact that you can’t touch or kiss means you’ll need to talk – helping to improve your communication, especially when it comes to what turns you on the most in the bedroom. Regularly having an adult video call can help you significantly improve your sex life when you do finally get to see one another. Check out for some  ideas.


Sending sexy snaps to your other half when they can’t be with you in person can be a fun way to stay connected. Snapchat is a great app to have when you’re in a relationship, even if you only ever send snaps to each other! Taking pictures of yourself in sexy clothing and provocative poses can help to spice things up and can certainly get you both turned on, even if you’re hundreds of miles  away.


Last but not least, even in the world of digital technology where everybody communicates via text, sending a hand-written letter filled with your desire for them will turn them on. Since letters are rarely sent anymore, doing this can also be great for the surprise element, as the last thing your loved one will probably be expecting is a lust-filled letter from you through their  door!

Although most couples want to spend as much time as possible getting intimate together, sometimes other things force people to be apart. But, there’s no need to let the spark die  down!

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