Getting Your Home Ready for Market After a Tragic Event


It may have been plastered over all of the local newspapers and television stations, but there is a way that you can put a tragic crime that occurred in your home behind you forever. While you might have lingering memories about the violent crime that took place on your property, hiring a crime scene cleanup crew will make it so that you won’t be able to tell that anything out of the ordinary ever took place. There could be remnants of the police who spent days inside collecting evidence, damage from the crime, stains and potentially a very unpleasant odor that you have to deal with. Since many people would rather get a fresh start after going through a violent crime, your best chances are having your home professionally cleaned and put on the market so that you can put this unpleasant chapter to  rest.

Bodily Fluid Cleanup and Hazards

Depending on the type of crime that took place in your home, there may be leftover bodily fluids and staining to clean up. Number one, you have no idea what kind of dangerous pathogens could be developing as a result of the fluids that have been lingering in your home. Even if you were to get a biohazard suit, you would be putting yourself at risk by trying to clean everything yourself. If you want your home to be sanitized the right way, hire a crime scene cleanup company. Regardless of if you are going to take possession of your home again or immediately list it for sale, the interior has to be cleaned up so that your certificate of habitability can be  maintained.

Odor Elimination After a Violent Crime

There’s no need to go into great detail about the types of smells that can develop inside of a home where a violent crime occurred. Even worse, these odors can be heightened due to warm weather and closed windows and doors. No amount of air freshener or potpourri is going to make your home smell fresh again without the assistance of a professional crime scene cleanup crew. This is because there is biohazardous waste that is still inside of your residence that is causing it to smell bad. The odor itself may be difficult to be around, but it is also an indication that it is not safe to be inside your  home.

Eliminating All Traces of What Has Occurred

Whether you choose to sell your home for less than full market value, list it as a short sale or simply take the very first offer that you get, you aren’t going to get buyers interested if it’s apparent that something tragic occurred inside. Of course, this type of information should be disclosed when needed, but you also won’t get a lot of interest if your home doesn’t look perfectly ordinary. A cleanup crew can take care of all concerns that you have about stains, odor and sanitation, allowing you to get back to normal, put your home up for sale and wait for a buyer to take it off your  hands.

Remember that your home can be well suited for a new family, and you want whoever comes to own it to feel comfortable there. Your home insurance company should provide you with a list of qualified crime scene cleanup professionals as well as assist with the costs. Just consider how happy you will be when everything concerning the unfortunate event in your home has been resolved and laid to  rest.

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