Just What America Needs, Another Political Party?

By US Daily Review Staff.

We have two parties that can get people elected, but incapable of producing positive change, and a plethora more that cannot get people elected. In spite of that, a new political party was launched this past week.

This week, a new national political party was announced inWashington, DC. The Revive America National Committee, Inc. (“ReviveAmerica”) held its first national press conference to introduce the new party to the nation and to outline its mission, motivation, and future plans. “The most debilitating misconception in our quest for solutions is that there are two very distinctive, but extremely divergent, paths. The notion that there are not intelligent and clear solutions to most of our problems is categorically false,” founder and Chief Executive  Mathews said at the announcement. “We have one goal: to find intelligent and sustainable solutions to rebuild the America we all know is possible.”

ReviveAmerica is well into the process of gaining ballot access for the 2012 election. The group is on track to be certified on the ballot in 15 states by April 1st, 35 states by July 1st, and the rest of the states, excluding California, by August 1st. In addition to the presidential and vice-presidential nominations, the names of at least 12 federal candidates will appear on election ballots as the candidate of ReviveAmerica. The group will hold its national convention in Philadelphia on August 23-26.

The latest USA TODAY/Gallup poll found that America is “more downbeat, more dissatisfied with its political leadership and more concerned about the country’s direction than at almost any other point in modern times.” The groups statement went on to say that “Americans have lost all confidence in the U.S. political system. ReviveAmerica promises to restore their faith and prove that our challenges can be solved. The group has the energy, endurance, and the wherewithal to offer Americans a sensible and sustainable alternative. The party platform is grounded in extensive research and common sense, and was purposely designed to remain fluid as the national conditions change or when a better way is discovered. ReviveAmerica is much like a modern-day Constitutional Convention, where committed members engage in thoughtful debate outside the context of misguided labels and political maneuvering.”

Ms. Mathews, a former management consultant and graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School, continued, “Our current leaders underestimate the American public. They act as if we aren’t smart and capable adults – like we can’t comprehend the hard truths of our challenges or handle the hard choices that we must make to solve them. This is not only completely false; it’s insulting. Americans fully recognize that it is impossible to sustain freedom and liberty without sacrifice, and that, due to three decades of political incompetence and irresponsibility, the time has finally come to buckle down and get serious about protecting our future.

“This country has tremendous resilience. Americans don’t reject national reflection; we embrace it. We don’t allow momentary lapses in judgment to derail us; we gain wisdom that makes us even stronger.”



  • http://www.revivethedream.com Emily Mathews

    My name is Emily Mathews and I am the CEO of ReviveAmerica. I absolutely agree that the two major political parties are incapable of producing positive change. However, that is the very reason we need a party that has the fortitude to break the two-party dynamic that has paralyzed us. The conventional wisdom is that third parties can’t win an American presidential election. This may have been true in the past, but times are changing and changing fast. It may take time, but we can win. ReviveAmerica has one goal: to find intelligent and sustainable solutions so we can rebuild the America we all know is possible. Our platform is grounded in extensive research and common sense. There is no preconceived agenda, no inflexible platform, and no misplaced loyalty to special interest groups or national political committees. This has never been tried before. Certainly there are political movements that have emerged out of frustration and anger, but they are all driven by partisan politics or a single policy issue. Imagine the power of a group of people who are wholeheartedly committed to ensuring sensible policy for all of the issues facing America today. Think of ReviveAmerica as a modern-day Constitutional Convention, where committed citizens engage in thoughtful debate for the sole purpose of strengthening the extraordinary foundation we were given. Will we all agree on everything? Absolutely not, but that’s the point. Every policy deserves its own evaluation outside the context of misguided labels and political maneuvering, and the more qualified, diverse, and experienced input the better. This effort transcends our individual opinions and beliefs. It’s about changing the way American politics operates once and for all. Thank you for providing a way to advance the conversation!