Leading in the Fast Lane

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By Arlen Burger, Special for USDR

A new leadership book called “Pedal to the Metal Leadership: Accelerate Yourself and Your Team” helps people become leaders who can successfully navigate the always on, always connected world. This need to accelerate touches all types of leaders whether they are in non-profit, academic, or commercial enterprises.

“Leadership needs to be approached fundamentally different given the pace of change,” said Dr. Arlen Burger, a C-level executive coach, productivity expert, and author of “Pedal to the Metal Leadership.”

“Working harder and longer is not the solution because we all reach a point where we eventually hit the wall. We simply must become faster as leaders to succeed.”

“There is a whole new set of skills leaders need to master to help guide their teams through unprecedented change and upheaval. Leaders who understand that speed gives them the competitive edge are needed now more than ever.”

“But, leadership speed by itself is not enough; organizations need to get faster too, and it is the role of leadership to foster picking up the pace to win the race,” said Dr. Burger.

About the Book

“Pedal to the Metal Leadership” is the flight manual for leaders who want to accelerate. It is full of tips, strategies, and advice to help leaders be more effective. The book’s focus is on “smart speed”, not just about moving quickly.

Utilizing examples from Formula One racing and jet pilot techniques, the book explores how masters of speed refine their skills and then translates those skills into the work environment.

“Pedal to the Metal Leadership” (ISBN 9780989976213) is available on Amazon for $34.95 in print and electronic formats and contains 342 pages.

“Pedal to the Metal Leadership” teaches leaders how to master four factors that drive speed:

  • Navigation-the leader’s ability to chart a course through a chaotic environment
  • Energy-the motivational fuel that the leader taps into to drive performance.
  • Optimization-the leader’s drive for continual improvement.
  • Resistance-the fundamental force that slows everything down.

The book helps leaders answer such questions as:

  • How do I build a “Fast Culture”?
  • How do I create a talent pipeline so I am never left hanging?
  • How do I manage resistance so it doesn’t sidetrack what I am trying to accomplish?
  • How do I manage time better to get the most out of my organization?
  • How do I avoid becoming an organizational bottleneck?

“Pedal to the Metal Leadership” is the type of book leaders will keep referring to throughout their careers.

Praise for “Pedal to the Metal Leadership”

“Fasten your seatbelt. Pedal to the Metal Leadership puts an expert driver alongside as you race to the finish line.”

Brett Caine, CEO Urban Airship

“Pedal to the Metal Leadership is the mother lode of leadership principles from Dr. Burger’s years of coaching top executives. He takes these principles and transforms them into actionable practices that will help you every single day.”

Elizabeth Cholawsky, CEO Support.com

“Dr. Burger has his finger on the pulse of leadership today. Built upon a foundation of work among some of Silicon Valley’s most dynamic businesses, his ideas on leadership acceleration are insightful and groundbreaking.”

Dennis Segers, High tech CEO, Board Chairman, and Consultant

About the Author

Dr. Arlen Burger is founder and CEO of Leadership Coaching, a Silicon Valley-based organizational and leadership development firm. Since 1990, he has built a stellar reputation for his work with CEOs, Board of Directors, senior management, and emerging leaders. He is a renowned leadership acceleration expert, a sought after speaker, author, trainer, and coach. He is featured in “Leadership: Helping Others to Succeed” a highly successful book series from Insight Press.

For information, go to www.fasterleader.com or follow  www.twitter.com/DrArlen

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