Matt Patterson on the Affirmative Action President

By the Price of Business, US Daily Review’s RadioPartner.


History will likely call Obama the Affirmative Action President

The story has been an Internet sensation. Barack Obama will be seen in history as the “Affirmative Action President,” according to Matt Patterson.  He wrote this controversial article at American Thinker and it has spread throughout social media.  Recently he was a guest of Kevin Price on the Price of Business radio show (M-F, 8 pm CST,  Price is also Publisher and Editor in Chief of US DailyReview.

According to his website, “Matt Patterson is a columnist and commentator whose work has appeared in some of the nation’s top newspapers and political sites, including the Washington Post, New York Post, Washington Examiner, American Thinker, and  His work has been cited on air by Sean Hannity, quoted in Forbes and The Weekmagazine, and featured on the Drudge Report, RealClearPolitics, and, among manyothers.”

Readers of US Daily Review saw this interview before it aired on the Price ofBusiness.

Here is that interview in itsentirety.

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