National News Sites Seeks Freelance Contributors

In recent months many major websites have curtailed or ended their opportunities for individuals to contribute content. Sites included,, and many others. People contributed to these sites for many reasons including:

  • To be influencers in their areas of expertise
  • To further enhance one’s personal brand
  • To develop third party media authority
  • Or to simply educate others on issues and topics of interest

With the end of these platforms, thousands of writers are looking for new platforms to contribute content.  In fact, Huffington Post’s actions alone led to over 100,000 writers looking for new places to contribute.

Media partners of US Daily Review are now seeking contributors to their platforms. 

US Daily Review is a leader in providing independent news content and has worked with other sites in developing other posting opportunities.  These sites cover numerous categories, including:

  • Business
  • Technology
  • DIY
  • Lifestyle
  • Politics
  • And much more

Who contributors on these websites?

There are many types of professionals that want to contribute to sites such as these.  The following are just a few examples.

  • Authors that love to break up parts of their books as articles in order to create SEO for their site, to improve their personal brand, and to enhance their positions as authorities.
  • SEO Experts that see these as great ways to help their clients grow their marketing and web reach.
  • Aspiring writers, such as college students or individuals that want to become professional journalists.  Better than any internship, because you receive actual writing credits.
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners that want to educate potential customers about their products and services and not rely solely on advertising.  In addition, they develop a reputation as thought leaders.
  • Academicians and educators who want professional platforms to reach a more mainstream audience.

How do I  participate?

Simply take the following  steps:

  1. Gather together writing samples for us to consider.  No more than three and none more than 1,000 words.
  2. Email  You’ll receive an email with instruction on where to send your samples and a short bio (150 words or less).  Writing samples are all that are required for SEO companies that want to post without attribution. 
  3. Once you respond to that email, your content will be reviewed by our editors and we will be in touch if your content fits our sites.  Be patient, it may take a while before we can get back to  you.

Many successful writing careers have started from leveraging guest posting opportunities.  Websites that could never be found, gathered traction simply by posting on pages like these.  Guest posting has enormous potential.  Take advantage of one of the few new opportunities to participate in  this.

All opinions expressed on USDR are those of the author and not necessarily those of US Daily Review.