Report Shows Only 20 Percent of Healthcare Providers Meet ACA Requirement

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Only 20 percent of healthcare providers currently meet a key patient engagement requirement of the Affordable Care Act according to a newreport.

Over 200 healthcare leaders participated in the report by responding to a request from Smart Data pioneer peer60. Participants reported many solutions used to engage patients that may lead providers to violate privacy laws in manystates.

“Reaching the ACA’s requirements for patient engagement is possible, but many hospitals and clinics are failing to do so in part because it isn’t an easy thing to do. It’s similar to the ‘last mile’ dilemma in the Telecom industry – until you get patients to really engage in the process, you’re really just going through the motions in healthcare reform,” peer60 CEO Jeremy Bikman said. “A lot of money is at risk in the form of Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements if providers can’t make thiswork.”

In order to receive Medicare and Medicaid benefits from the Electronic Health Records Incentive Program, healthcare organizations must engage at least 10% of their patients. Chief Medical Officers and other provider leaders reported that while most healthcare organizations are struggling to reach the 10% patient engagement rate required to receive these incentives, some are achieving over 20% patient engagement through patientportals.

The report details many features that are missing in existing patient portals, including the ability to protect information that some states require be withheld from guardians of children (i.e. pregnancytests).

“This report is extraordinary because a large amount of information was collected from over 200 key decision-makers in a very short time period,” peer60 Sr. Director Tyler Page said. “Unlike other publicly released reports, this information is incredibly current andactionable.”

The report is available for a complementary download at

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