Should the Tea Party be Thanking the Occupy Movement?

By Kevin Price, Publisher and Editor and Chief, US Daily Review.

Who does this persuade and how does it persuade them?

Recently I was at a political event and I met a young man who has been involved in the “Occupy” movement.  He was excited about the organization and believed it offered great promise to his generation (he was in his early to mid 20s).  I told him I was surprised he felt that way (because he seemed so rational), because I believe the movement is doing it’s issues more harm, than good, because of its terrible behavior.  Then, I followed up by saying, “whatever those issues are.”  It is the fact that it stands for nothing, that this group has become so large.  If it ever stands for anything, I am sure it’s numbers would shrink.

So, this young person asked, “How is the ‘Occupy’ movement doing harm?”  Honestly, I had no idea where to begin.  I did, however, pulled examples from this exhaustive (and growing daily) list (thanks www.BigJournalism):

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