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3 Ways To “Borrow” Technology To Make Your Business  Better

The impact of the latest technology advances on business can’t be overstated. Recent advances in robotics and computer sciences have increased the speed that technology becomes available, but going from concept to reality can be an expensive  process.

Building upon the work of others has been part of the business world since the first caveman decided to sell a rock to his buddy. His buddy probably resold the rock for a profit. The concepts that work find a way to become standards  quickly.

How Did We Get  Here?

For example, the assembly line has been around for hundreds of years, but the first widescale operation was in 1913 at the Ford Plant in Highland Park, Michigan. Building on smaller scale successes, Ford was able to apply the concept to building cars. Within a generation, the assembly line concept had been adapted to nearly all manufacturing. A hundred years later, Henry Ford is credited with creating the assembly line. Although it isn’t accurate, Ford did popularize the concept and create a business atmosphere where assembly line practices would  thrive.

Modern manufacturing is full of examples, as well. Microsoft built on the concepts developed by IBM. Apple was built on developing computers, software and consumer devices that were already conceived, if not built. Apple, however, was already a successful company when it rolled out the iPhone. Younger companies and startups don’t have the advantage of Apple’s deep pockets behind  them.

What Can Be  Done?

Just because you don’t have massive cash reserve to purchase the newest technological marvels to improve production and efficiency doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of those breakthroughs. It just means you need to be creative in finding and using the  technology.

We aren’t talking about corporate espionage here. An entire industry has evolved to help business startups and entrepreneurs access technology they can’t afford. The internet, of course, has been the biggest driver of this industry with companies all over the world able to offer services to companies no matter their physical  location.

  • Computer services. The range of computer services available is immense. Everything from a Secretary of State SOS searchto virtual servers to network creation. If you have a job that needs to be done with a computer, you can find a less expensive alternative on the internet.
  • Invention and Prototyping Services. If you have an idea but need to make it reality without the cost of inventing the product, setting up a production line and creating a prototype, there are services out there to help you. The cost of turning your idea into an invention, and your invention into a prototype can be prohibitive, but services like Prototyping – WEISS-AUGcan turn your idea into reality for a pittance.
  • Outsourcing manufacturing. Modern industry has a way for you to go from development through invention all the way to full-scale production without the immense cost associated with product creation.

This list only scratches the surface, of course, the options for outsourcing aspects of business is nearly unlimited. As the internet makes the world smaller, advances in shipping and manufacturing make it quicker and easier to move around  in.

It was slightly over a century ago that Henry Ford brought the idea of assembly lines into the business mainstream. Today, the concept of offsite production has reached the point that a person with a clever idea and some money can replicate the entire production model without owning any technology more complex or expensive than a home  computer.

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