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By BizComPress, Special for  USDR

“While franchising is a fabulous methodology that has created countless millionaires, it’s not foolproof, and it will not work for everyone,” writes Dr. John P. Hayes in his latest book, Take the Fear Out of Franchising. “If you are going to buy a franchise it is your responsibility to make certain not only that a particular business is right for you but that franchising makes sense for you,  too.”

Published by BizComPress, a division of Plano, Texas-based BizCom Associates, Take the Fear Out of Franchising is available in paperback on Amazon.com and will soon be available in eBook and audio  formats.

Called “a must read for any prospective franchisee or franchisor” by Michael E. Gerber, author of the mega-best-selling business book, The E-Myth, this new book focuses on five franchise tenets that quickly help the reader understand why franchising works, and why it will or won’t work for  them.

“Many people who consider buying a franchise never do because they get stuck in the process,” says Dr. Hayes, one of the world’s foremost authorities on franchising. “That’s fear! Sadly, people often get stuck over points of little or no consequence, and that’s because they fall into the trap of investigating franchising as an  industry.”

To address that fear, Dr. Hayes shows readers how to investigate franchises more  effectively.

An internationally recognized franchise speaker, author and consultant, Dr. Hayes is one of the few people to have owned and operated multiple franchises, served as CEO of one of the world’s largest franchise chains and counsel to founders and CEOs of numerous high profile franchise brands. He blogs frequently about franchising on HowToBuyAFranchise.com and his popular How To Buy A Franchise Show is available as a podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, iHeartRadio and You Tube.

“It’s easy to find negative information that is intended to either make you fearful of franchising or persuade you not to buy a franchise,” said Dr. Hayes. “Much of that information is nonsense, and it often comes from people that failed because they were franchise misfits. But, if you’re a good fit for franchising there’s no safer way to get into business for yourself and to begin building personal wealth than to buy a  franchise.”

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