There May Not be a 45th President Unless the National Debt is Addressed

By Robert V Baynes, Special for  USDR

The U.S. economy is far more fragile than the media or Washington want people to believe, asserts Robert Baynes, author of The Day the Dollar Died. In fact, he says America is just one crisis away from anarchy, martial law or a complete government takeover.

What is more, voting for the “right” candidate will not solve the problem, Baynes notes; neither candidate has proposed a good plan to deal with our debt situation, and they may not get a chance to even try, he emphasizes.

An accomplished entrepreneur, Baynes researched America’s economic and political situation for more than four years, concluding that the U.S. debt situation is completely unsustainable. Perhaps more troubling, almost no one inWashington is even trying to find a solution.

A seasoned radio guest, Baynes can answer such questions as:

  • Why does he believe that anyone with a plan to solve the national debt could not get elected?
  • With a monetary foundation that is about to implode, how safe is the average family’s wealth today? How can people avoid being caught off guard?
  • Could the “Big Short” happen again? Why might the U.S. be heading for an even bigger crisis than it experienced in 2008?
  • Is the American Dream over? What effect does better opportunities available elsewhere in the world have on America?

CREDENTIALS: As an entrepreneur for more than 30 years,Robert Baynes has had to pay close attention to what was happening politically and economically in the U.S. His studies led him to write The Day the Dollar Died, which he describes as “a novel with a message.” It is available on Amazon in print, Kindle and audio. Baynes has been a repeat guest on the Don Rosenshow, The Ed Tyll Show and on Late Night in the Midlands as well as an insightful guest on other radio programs.

SOURCE Robert V Baynes

All opinions expressed on USDR are those of the author and not necessarily those of US Daily Review.
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