Things to Know Before you Switch to an Energy Supplier Like Josco Energy


Millions of people from all over New York are now going through an intermediary to purchase their electricity and natural gas. These companies are known locally as ECSOs. Before you jump in and start signing contracts, there is a couple things you should know about how the energy industry works. Josco Energy believes in consumer information. Unlike some of the large energy conglomerates who would prefer that you remain ignorant about the industry, Josco believes customers should make healthy, informed  decisions.

First, remember that your bill is going to be broken into two parts. Supply is one part; Delivery is the other. Your supply is going to be the actual gas or electricity that you use. Delivery is all the costs associated with providing the service to your house. For example, gas and power lines often need to be maintained. All of these maintenance and installation costs are divided up equally between clients, while supply is only based on your specific  usage.

While the maintenance charges are fixed, you can control what you pay for your supply. Remember that different suppliers are going to charge you different rates. Why not shop around? There are over 40 different energy companies in New York City, and with the highest demand for energy in north America it’s always worth trying to get a better  deal.

Many people don’t start thinking about their expensive winter heating bill until November! But putting in a little time now could save you a TON of money down the road. While many energy suppliers provide you with a consistent bill, the power cost is actually higher in the winter. This means that suppliers generally owe you a credit in the summer, while your account stays in debit during the winter. If you change energy suppliers, you may not only save money in the long term but you will also receive a nice little credit on your  account.

Mark Todd, the executive director of the Energy Helpline says “The Big Energy Suppliers expect a large number of customers to accept overpriced, standardized contracts and are not willing to negotiate. Taking the time to get a quote from a smaller supplier is an excellent way to get a fair price for reasonable electrical  use.”

Selecting a supplier is actually a simple process, and will have many long term benefits. As New York is expanding into nuclear power generation, the supply is about to rapidly increase. This means that you will soon a larger amount of power available at a lower price. Make sure you select a distributor who is flexible, and allows you to lock in at a low  rate.

New York has come a very long way since the 1800s. We’ve gone from carrying coal up a dark staircase, to pumping steam into our homes, to piping flammable gas through our walls. In these modern times, we have never had more choice and options for our power source. Be sure to shop around and make the most of the same freedoms that our ancestors never  had.

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