Top 3 Well-Paying Jobs that Are Easy to Get Into


When it comes to choosing a career, most students are looking to study a degree they love and enjoy, that will also provide a stable and decent salary. Unfortunately, only a handful of jobs fall into this category, and finding such jobs can be a job in  itself.
However, there are few industries in dire need of recruiting new workers; some also do not require extensive education or experience. Here are three of the most comfortable, well-paid jobs for you to consider applying  for.

1. Truck  Driving

Becoming a truck driver can be simple. All you have to do is take the necessary training course, obtain a proper license and find a company looking to hire truck drivers. With many companies looking to hire truck drivers such as retail and big supermarkets, looking for work is practically ubiquitous; therefore, it is a matter of going through the technicalities involved in becoming certified, which usually involves a CDL truck driver training and license   course.

Piloting a massive 18-wheeler down the highway isn’t the easiest job to do, but it is a job many able-bodied people can do if they put their minds to it. If you love being on the road, meeting new people and driving to different places (long or short distance), then becoming a truck driver could be the profession for  you.

 2. Nursing

Did you know that it is possible to become a registered nurse in as little as two years? After the necessary training, you can easily land a job working at a nearby hospital or clinic, and the starting wages are some of the best in many industries. If you are already a registered nurse you can even study for your RN to BSN degree online to ensure it will fit into your schedule.

According to a number of surveys, most nurses find the profession to be enjoyable and the pay to be satisfactory considering the convenience and ease of the job on most days. Another benefit of a career in nursing is that you can eventually further your education and pursue higher-paying positions in the medical  field.

3. Security Guard

People may think that security guards are essentially getting paid to stand around and loiter while wearing a fancy uniform, but, in fact, they are being paid to thwart dangerous shoplifters and care for the public’s wellbeing. Of course, you will need astute observation skills, certification as a security guard, and some experience to land a guard job. Qualifying to become a security guard can take you roughly 6 months to 2 years, depending on the route you  take.

Picking Your  Priorities

Ultimately, your decision should be based on what kind of career you envision for yourself in the long-run. Do you want a job that’s going to be incredibly easy but has income limitations? Or are you up to the challenge of pursuing a more difficult career in exchange for the possibility of a much higher salary? These are questions you’ll have to ask yourself when determining whether you’re after stable income or the pursuit of a  fortune.

It’s also worth considering the side projects you want to get into. Side projects or “side hustles” can be a great way to boost your cash flow and more importantly, diversify your income streams. You can earn passive income if you’re willing to perform proper research and put the time and effort in to create something that makes money.

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