Victims of Ghost Ship Didn’t Have to Die

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By Robert Weiner Associates and Mary Alexander and Associates, Special for USDR

Mary Alexander, San Francisco attorney representing the first suits of the families of the Oakland “Ghost Ship” fire killing 36 victims, in a live interview on HLN today, told host Michaela Pereira that the “horrific” deaths “could have been prevented.”  Alexander, the former President of the American Trial Lawyers of America (ATLA), responding to questions, explained, “It was a death trap, with all the kindling and wiring. Once it caught on fire, there was no way for these people to escape the inferno. There was no fire alarm, no smoke alarm.  The building was not permitted for residence or events, yet they had parties. There was no way to exit safely. It was egregious negligence of the highest order.”

Alexander added, “There are reports that the Fire Department had an event there.” The facility “was not supposed to have events.”

Ms. Alexander said, “They were beautiful college students, one with two jobs, with so much promising life ahead.” For the families, Alexander filed suit against the owners of the building, the operators, and the city. “The families deserve justice.”

Alexander said today, “This kind of preventable catastrophe must not happen in California or America.”

Alexander filed the first suits Monday, December 23, at Alameda County Courthouse, on behalf of the families of Griffin Madden and Michela Gregory.

Link to full interview, Dec. 16, 2016: and December 26, 2016 — Mary Alexander national television interview “Ghost Ship” deaths — on Headline News (HLN)

Link to announcement of first filings: or

SOURCE Robert Weiner Associates and Mary Alexander and Associates

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