Week of Nov 28 – Dec 4

Daniel Craig brands the Kardashians ‘f***ing idiots’ for making careers out of their private lives

They have made millions from living their lives in the public eye thanks to their reality television shows.


How to cut tax while cutting the deficit

There was once a Conservative Prime Minister who, by holding public spending steady, allowed the economy to grow faster than the government. Although there were no net cuts, the private sector outgrew the public.

George Osborne’s autumn statement: panel verdict

Our panellists dissect the chancellor’s speech on the state of the British economy


Autumn Statement 2011: George Osborne must declare Britain open for business

The Coalition must restore Britain’s reputation as an outward-looking trading nation, says Mark Field.

Five reasons public service workers are right to strike

David Cameron calls Wednesday’s strikes the ‘height of irresponsibility’. In fact they are a basic democratic necessity

Osborne: No ‘quick fix’ for debt

George Osborne has insisted there is no “quick fix” to Britain’s debt problems as he promised to invest for the long-term.

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