Week of Feb 23 – 29

By Steve Parkhurst, Senior Editor,USDR.

Looking at the news and opinion out of London eachday.


Don’t be taken in by Project Fear – staying in the EU is the risky choice

The Remain campaign, including HM Treasury, is actively talking down Britain’sprospects


All this sound and fury over Europe will do nothing to sway rational voters

Westminster theatrics should play no part in the referendum on the most important question we have faced in ageneration

Gut instinct not heartache made Boris back Brexit

No one knows if we will be better off inside or outside the EU. The liars are those who claim to becertain

Iain Duncan Smith: Brexit would be a ‘stride into the light’

The papers report today that many Conservatives are furious with the way David Cameron is conducting the referendum campaign. MPs threaten that if the Prime Minister continues with the personal attacks that he launched at various opponents on the ‘Leave’ side this week, it will impossible for him to continue at leader after the referendum, whatever theresult.


Churchill, my grandfather, always loved Europe

Today, as in the Forties, it would be madness not to play our part in saving the Continent fromdisaster


Keeping the Tory tribe together. Options for the Prime Minister.

What to do when roughly two in five Conservative MPs publicly disagree with yourpolicy.

Crucial Questions for Stay in the EU that never get asked by the media

Debating against Better Stay in speakers always produces the same attitudes. They spend half their time running down the EU they want to stay in, and the other half scaremongering about coming out! They always say they do not wish the UK to join theEuro.

Why the final junior doctors’ deal is anything but ‘generous’

Junior doctors like myself want a seven-day NHS, but not when the Government is only prepared to pay for five ofthem

Iain Dale: The bandwagon is beginning to roll. And on its side is a poster proclaiming: “Gove for Leader”

Plus: Cameron is formidable. How does Boris get away with it? And: the BBC’s disgraceful sacking of Tony Blackburn as cover for its mistakes overSavile.


Johnny Mercer: I worry about the Tory party going out to the right

The Plymouth MP talks about compassionate conservatism, the effect of Jeremy Corbyn on his party… and spending the winter on a freezinghouseboat.

Economic problems in the wider world

Whilst we have been preoccupied by the gripping drama of our referendum on the future of our country, there has been plenty going on elsewhere in the world which has led to stock market declines and worries about the economicfuture.

The final offer made to junior doctors was too generous – they should stop striking and get on with it

Why should it be such a struggle to get the emergency services to run 24/7? It is here that overtime culture has proved mostresilient


The pro-EU camp shouldn’t arrogantly assume that business is on its side

Most companies in Britain can’t afford to hire lobbyists. They want light regulation, free markets, and free trade with the wholeworld

Yesterday, the Prime Minister’s temper got the better of his judgement. It was a bad sign.

Yes, Boris’s antics will have been infuriating. But Cameron should have saved hisspleen.

David Cameron on Boris: He’s a ‘great friend’ but he’s wrong

David Cameron must be getting fed up with questions about Boris by now but unfortunately for the Prime Minister they’re not going to go away anytime soon. That much was clear in his public press conference this morning. The PM managed to avoid making direct reference to Boris during his speech, in which he again played up the fact he has no vested interests involved with needing to fight another election, unlike his oldfriend.

Pope Francis argues that no circumstances justify capital punishment, but when used correctly it can serve as a successful deterrent to murder

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Across The Pond is edited daily by Steve Parkhurst. Steve is a political consultant, a writer at his blog as well as a Senior Editor here at US Daily Review. Follow Steve on Twitter @SteveParkhurst

All opinions expressed on USDR are those of the author and not necessarily those of US Daily Review.
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