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David Cameron’s choice – to stand firm, or dance to Ukip’s tune

At 13 minutes past four last Thursday, David Cameron did something surprising. The Commons divided on an amendment proposed by the Conservative MP Dominic Raab, which would have allowed ministers to deport violent foreign criminals, regardless of their entitlements under the Human Rights Act. Mr Cameron loved the idea but Government lawyers told him it was in fact illegal, and could not be allowed topass.


Britain’s accidental one-child policy

Why big middle-class families are an endangeredspecies


Labour have dropped One Nation and gone for bitterness and spite

What happened to One Nation Labour? Not so long ago it was all the rage. Ed Miliband was going to teach the world to sing, presumably in perfect harmony.Where the Tories divided, he would unite. As the nasty party had opened up the scars, so he would healthem.

Forget the furore over the 50p tax rate. The Tories will regret it if they underestimate the Balls/Miliband team

They’ve fought four elections navigating the hazardous politics of “tax andspend”

Labour’s 50p tax hike may be crazed, immoral class warfare, but it makes perfect electoral sense

And so the Miliband terror begins. The hard Left’s Owen Jones – the tin-pot Trotsky of our times, or Citizen Smith with an iPhone – has already declared that people millionaires who oppose Labour’s 50p tax hike are terrible human beings (see update).Nice.

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