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Looking at the news and opinion out of London each day.


Making promises you can’t keep is a dangerous game – particularly on immigration

Taking nods today for boos tomorrow is a poor, poorbargain.


Spain gives Cameron a(nother) EU headache

The Spanish are threatening to veto Britain’s opting back in to the European ArrestWarrant.

Cameron is right – we must show our love for Scotland

If your much-loved wife wanted to divorce you, what would be the wiser course? Tell her she’ll be broke if she leaves you? Or shower her with presents and tell her how much you loveher?


Tony Blair is advising a murderer. Is there anything he won’t do?

I see that Tony Blair is to advise Egypt’s president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi on economic reform. El-Sisi has incarcerated 20,000 protestors, a bunch of journalists and murdered 2,500 opponents. Is there anyone who Mr Blair would notadvise?

An aircraft carrier without planes is the perfect metaphor for Britain’s diminished global status

At last David Cameron has decided to employ his heart as well his head in the battle to save the United Kingdom. For months now, Cameron has been advised by Unionists that while the economic case matters a great deal, he must also make an argument rooted inemotion.

Dear Number 10 – unless you’re a shipping forecaster, ‘Tyne’ is not a place

A good start in wooing Tyneside’s voters would be getting its nameright.


We need far less talk about tax cuts and far more about spending cuts

We have a deficit of over £100 billion. We have record household debt. We need an AffordabilityCommission.

Labour’s infrastructure plans are good enough for George Osborne to steal

In some countries, infrastructure planning can be exciting. Two years ago, I was watching a group of Dutch civil servants gleefully manoeuvring a DeLorean sports car around a conference hall, its wheels squealing on the polishedfloor.

Referenda or referendums? They’re both right

The Today Programme – and John Humphrys – were in relaxed, easy-going mode this morning, as they discussed the thorny question of the plural of Latin words in the Englishlanguage.


Labour wants to stay in its NHS comfort zone and ignore immigration and the economy

PMQs taught us a number of things about Labour and the Conservatives. The first is that while Labour has a bumper economy week underway, it does not feel sufficiently confident to attack the Conservatives on this issue in an aggressive forum likePMQs.

Being pro-aid doesn’t mean putting a target into law

Number 10 has been closing down easy hits for UKIP. It shouldn’t open one up by helping to put the 0.7 per cent target intolaw.

A lesser role in the EU for national parliaments is bad news for Cameron’s renegotiation

David Cameron may have got away with his failure to block Jean-Claude Juncker as president of the European Commission, but that doesn’t mean that his MPs aren’t agitated about the way things are going inEurope.


The Nationalists are losing the independence referendum and Alex Salmond needs a game-changer

It is only a few months since predictions of the end of the Union were everywhere. Such was the alleged disarray within the Unionist “Better Together” campaign, so negative and incompetently transmitted was their critique of the economic risks attached to independence, it was said, that Alex Salmond and the Yes campaign were reported by some to stand poised on the verge ofvictory.


The Prime Minister unites his party on Europe, but is he winning – or is the Tory Right?

By challenging the German system of consensus politics, Cameron made himself a hero for aday.

The Prince of Wales is absolutely right – bring back grammar schools

Academic selection offers working-class pupils their only hope of the glitteringprizes

Labour’s localism arms race

How can politicians encourage this country’s economy to grow more evenly? Do you build a nice big railway line? Or try – and largely fail – to devolve greater power to cities using directly-elected city mayors? Today Labour sets out its answer in Lord Adonis’ growthreview.

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