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Looking at the news and opinion out of London each day. 6-11-12

A referendum on Europe is coming. So why won't David Cameron take the lead on this issue?

Britain is the largest and potentially the most influential of all the non-euro members

Stop blaming the eurozone crisis, Tories tell George Osborne

George Osborne must stop blaming the eurozone crisis for Coalition's failure to tackle recession in Britain, senior Conservatives warned last night.

My begrudging admiration for David Cameron

This morning on 5live I admitted, under duress, my begrudging admiration for David Cameron. Don’t worry, it’s limited.

Michael Gove to make grammar and spelling more rigorous in new English curriculum

This morning, the Sun on Sunday reported the CBI's frustration at the number of young people leaving education without the skills necessary to hold down a job.

George Osborne: We will not prop up Europe’s banks

Chancellor George Osborne, writing in the Sunday Telegraph, says further pooling of sovereignty must be limited to the countries in the eurozone.

Confessions of a recovering Objectivist

For a time, I was a devotee of Ayn Rand's ideas. Now I see what a pernicious philosophy rational egoism is – and how dumb!


Ed Miliband’s self-mockery is a heart-warming, vote-losing quality

We're growing to like Wallace Miliband - though his sidekick Ed Balls is no loveable Gromit.

We must not abandon the battle against child poverty

The previous government showed what could be done. Our present leaders are unravelling all its good work

Even America is tackling obesity, so why aren't we?

In New York, huge sodas have been banned. Here, by contrast, junk food giants are sponsoring the Olympics


Osborne's City safeguards

Before David Cameron’s trip to Berlin later today, George Osborne appeared on the Today Programme to emphasise that in the event of a Eurozone banking union, Britain would require safeguards.

Ed Miliband: don't listen to Jeremy Clarkson on Scottish independence

English people like Jeremy Clarkson who shrug at the prospect of Scottish independence are guilty of “narrow nationalism,” Ed Miliband said today.

The City must be ready for the euro meltdown

Plans by eurozone leaders to sort out its financial crisis could end up marginalising the Square Mile

Ed Miliband talks up England but rejects English Parliament

Labour should not be afraid to talk about England's national identity, Ed Miliband has said, but he rejected calls for an English Parliament.

Osborne defends budget U-turns (Audio)

Chancellor George Osborne has defended budget U-turns on the so-called pasty tax and charity tax, telling the Today programme that they show the government was "not too embarrassed to put down the shovel and climb out" of a hole.

Osborne hints at a referendum if a "reshaped relationship with Europe" comes about

Appearing on the Today programme this morning, George Osborne said there is "no way" Britain will be part of any proposed EU banking union, and will require "certain safeguards" if one came into force.

Is Ed Miliband the man who could be king?

Jim Pickard examines the leadership style, highs, lows and maybes of Ed Miliband’s tenure to date. Will he rout his party naysayers, bring Ed Balls onside and surprise us all, come 2015?

Let's have a proper referendum on Europe

Chris Bruni-Lowe of the People’s Pledge campaign lays out his organisation’s strategy for ensuring a full national vote on Britain’s place in Europe

A two-speed EU may be good for Britain

Right after President Obama’s phone call to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, calling on her to do something to rescue the eurozone, she has the Prime Minister exhorting her to do precisely the same thing in his visit today.

Cameron created Warsi – will he be forced to destroy her?

The Baroness was put in a near-impossible position by her leader and political patron, writes Paul Goodman.
The national character has been on display during the Jubilee celebrations — and it’s bad news for ideologues

Tory MPs eye-up Cameron's post

Two Tory MPs have expressed an interest in being the next party leader to me in private. But do their ponderings offer more than words? And would a leadership contest really happen before the next election?

Now the stage is set for some sensible immigration policies

Ed Miliband must favour his instincts over voices urging him to the right, writes Mary Riddell.

Austerity has never worked

It's not just about the current economic environment. History shows that slashing budgets always leads to recession

The BBC’s reputation is sunk in the Thames

Celebrity-obsessed and clueless reporting makes the national broadcaster look silly , argues Stephen Pollard.

Warsi probe 'to pick up loose ends'

An inquiry in to whether Conservative Party co-chairman Baroness Warsi breached the ministerial code will pick up any loose ends, Prime Minister David Cameron says.

Now is the perfect time for Liberal Democrats to wield the knife

Nick Clegg is finished. But if Vince Cable leads an anti-austerity rebellion, he can help save his party and the UK economy too

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