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By Steve Parkhurst, Senior Editor,USDR.

Looking at the news and opinion out of London eachday.


Hundreds of millions of British aid ‘wasted’ on overseas climate change projects

Serious questions are raised today over hundreds of millions of pounds of British taxpayers’ money being ‘wasted’ on climate change projects such as an Ethiopian wind farm and Kenyan solar powerplant.


Philip Hammond must celebrate the self-employed, not tax them out of existence

Let’s start with a simple, but revealing, question; is the growth in self employment, the so-called “gig economy”, in zero hours contracts and other forms of less secure work – often criticised for eroding hard won employment rights – a good or a badthing?

May should ignore calls for an election

William Hague’s plea for a general election was wrong only in its timing. The correct time would come if any “meaningful vote” rejected whatever deal Theresa May brought back from the EU, because that would be a vote of no-confidence in herGovernment.

Who will blink first, Theresa May or Nicola Sturgeon?

With neither prepared to back down over the possibility of a second Scottish referendum, it’s a high-stakes fight forboth


The Tories were elected to cut spending not raise taxes – Philip Hammond has no excuses

Chancellor Hammond’s first and only Spring Budget will probably be remembered for some good gags which hit the mark (Labour) and one big misstep: the decision to raise national insurance contributions (NICs) on theself-employed.

The party of entrepreneurs increases taxes on them. This budget’s contradictions will come to haunt TheresaMay


Conservative members’ confidence of winning in 2020 hits highest rating yet

Little wonder, then, that almost three-quarters of them are opposed to Theresa May seeking a snapelection.

The opposition-shaped hole in British politics

If you want to judge the extent of the crisis that is paralysing the left, look at this morning’s Guardian. On the one hand you have an article from Abi Wilkinson. I assume she is a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn, although tellingly she doesn’t even mention the Labour leader’s name. Convincingly to my mind, Wilkinson argues that the May government ought to be in all kinds of trouble. May herself is an evasive and awkwardpolitician.

How could the Chancellor help raise productivity?

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Across The Pond is edited daily by Steve Parkhurst. Steve is a political consultant, a writer at his blog as well as a Senior Editor here at US Daily Review. Follow Steve on Twitter @SteveParkhurst

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