Week of Sept 19 – Sept 25

Looking at the news out of London eachday.


Labour’s love affair with their lost leader

David Miliband might have lost the leadership contest, but his appearance at Labour conference was more rock star than defeatedcandidate

If capitalism has failed, how the hell do we pay for our Shreddies?

I might be an economic dunce, but if our failing currencies are replaced by a medieval bartering system, what will we have to do to get our favourite breakfastcereals?

Ken compares Boris to London rioters

London mayor Boris Johnson’s student past has been compared with the behaviour of rioters by Labour challenger KenLivingstone.

Tony Blair faces calls for greater transparency over Middle East role

Former PM visited Gaddafi during Libyan loan negotiations by JP Morgan, the bank that employs him as anadviser

Miliband: cuts are okay now

I’ve just caught up with Ed Miliband on Marr this morning and his aim seemed to be burying Ed Balls’ complaint about cuts being too fast and too deep. In its place, he called for moregrowth


American Way: The shallow anti-Americanism of the “I am Troy Davis” crowd

A very interesting blog post from the UKTelegraph.

Tony Blair’s Byzantine world of advisers and lucrative deals

Since leaving office, Tony Blair has adopted many roles. The international statesman. The guardian of Africa. The religious leader. The globalbusinessman.

FiReControl Project: silly name, stupid idea – but you and I will pay for the fiasco

How can we expect to be well-governed when incompetence isrewarded?


Europe has six weeks to find debt crisis solution, warns Chancellor George Osborne

Global markets whipsawed higher and lower at the end of a tumultuous week as panic over a Greek default was tempered by hopes that politicians will step in to calm Europe’s debtcrisis.

Childhood being eroded by modern life, experts warn

Childhood is being eroded by a “relentless diet” of advertising, addictive computer games, test-driven education and poor childcare, a powerful lobby of more than 200 experts warnstoday.

Labour cannot rely on Tory failure

A credible economic policy is crucial for the Labour party to win back power. But first we need a historylesson.


One in six adults now ‘living in sin’

The rapid rise in couples who choose to live together without being married may be acting as a “firewall” to stop unstable relationships from ending years later in divorce, according toresearch.


Michael Gove: the new and the old

Gove cites Blair as his political hero – perhaps that is where he acquired such seeming disregard for due process inWhitehall.


Liberal Democrats Party Conference 2011: Pledge to drive down energy bills

Householders will be able to switch energy suppliers more quickly, bulk-buy power at discount rates and claim refunds if firms are found to have exploited them for profit, Chris Huhne, the Energy Secretary, is toannounce.

Lib Dems: No 10 desperate to spike Vince Cable

“Vince Cable trailed one of his pet projects in the Sunday Times yesterday: restraint on executive pay. The idea chimed with the wider theme of the day mapped out by Nick Clegg on Marr, namely that however it is done, the Coalition should raise taxes on thewealthiest.”

Obama sets out ‘balanced’ deficit plan and asks top earners to pay fair share

Obama says half of $3tn deficit reduction will come from tax increases, but stresses: ‘It’s not class warfare – it’smath’

We’re fed up with Europe, so give us a vote

Britain has become a slave to the EU, writing blank cheques to prop up its lazy economies, says MarkPritchard.

Poverty of debate is holding us back

It is obvious that companies need to work harder to make sure that all their employees deliver the goods. This must apply to everybody, including CEOs, who are hired by shareholders to maximise theirvalue.

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