What Does a Home Inspector Look for?

There are times when people call home inspectors to visit their home and do an inspection. Have you ever asked yourself what these experts look for? Are you intending to buy or sell a home? Did you know that an inspection is a vital step for all home buyers and sellers? Well, this is something you should have known. Now, before you can hire a tampa home inspector for your home inspection needs, it is important that you familiarize yourself with home inspections and what is required for such an inspection to take place. When you know what these inspectors look for, it will be easier for you to engage one of these experts and pay for something that you are aware of.

Here are some of the things home inspectors are looking for:

Water heater temperatures and venting

A home inspector will be particularly concerned with the ventilation of a home. They will want to check the temperature of the water heaters as well as safety equipment installed in the house. The inspector will ensure that all the ventilation is in place especially where there are clothes dryers and configurations of installed appliances is well done. The inspector is aware of the dangers that gases can cause when they are trapped in the house due to poor ventilation. Proper ventilation for natural gas appliances such as water heaters, general heaters, and clothes dryers should be done.

The roof of your house

The roof is another very important part of a house that an inspector will check. It is quite easy for an inspector to tell whether the roof was done by an amateur or by a professional. The inspector will be interested in any openings on the roof and whether they are flashed properly. He will also check the growth of any moss or presence of any debris. These are items that should not be found in a well-maintained roof. Your inspector should be able to tell you how long a roof can last and if it needs replacement. This is especially important for people who are planning to buy a house.

The major systems of the house

Your home has a number of systems that could be working together to give you a comfortable life in the house. These are systems such as plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling and so on. He will want to know how well the cooling and heating is working. Are they providing even cooling and heating in all areas of the house? He will also want to know if there is a good flow of air in all rooms.

The inspector will want to know if the plumbing in the home is well done. Do the electrical systems of the house provide enough water flow? Are the electrical fittings done well? If not, how much will be required to have this issue sorted out? Does the house have sufficient flow of water and at proper pressures?

The inspector will also want to know if the electrical system in the house is safe for you. He will also want to know if the system provides enough electrical power for all the needs of the house. Are there enough outlets for power needs in the house? These are pertinent issues that a professional inspector will check for in a house.

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