000webhost Review: Is It A Good Hosting Service?

Whenever you think about building a website on your own, the first thing that comes to your mind would be the hosting free service that you should get for your website. Well, the options are endless and there are many free web hosting WordPress services that pretty much provide the best of the services of shared and paid hosting to you. But then, there are some others who are not so good. This is where the choice matters. One wrong choice and you might end up having a slow loading website with innumerable unwanted  ads.

Introducing  000webhost.com

In this review, we are going to put our focus on one such shared hosting site that provides free services of WordPress hosting to the users all over the world. Known by the name of 000webhost, this particular site is one of the best examples of web hosting services that provide the users with the ability to host their websites without any cost. Now, this will sound too good to be true but with the experience and expertise that 000webhost.com has got over the few years of existence is really something that should be  considered.

For the start of a small business, 000webhost is really not a very bad idea and it is a much better option when compared to the other fraud options of free WordPress hosting services that are available. 000webhost can be a great way to experiment with a free website that helps you get established with the help of the paid and the shared hosting  services.

Want to know more about the web host? Well, click on the link for the free hosting WordPress service and know all  about.

Is There Any  Catch?

There is no doubt about the fact that 000webhost is completely packed with wonderful features that we shall be discussing in our review. After thorough observation of the amazing services that it provides, we have come to the result that unlike the other alternatives of 000webhost who have a different ‘catch’ associated with each and every service they provide, such is not the case with 000webhost. There is certainly no big catch present that could do any loss. This particular WordPress web hosting service is genuinely centered towards providing the user with an amazing experience of website  hosting.

Understanding The Features Of  000webhost

When it comes to the features of the company, we are sure that this web host has got many under its sleeve. These features are our main focus right now. Let’s have a  look.

  • Absolutely Free: The best feature of the 000webhost is that it is completely and absolutely free of cost. Well, this free host is your dream come true if you are looking for options for upgrading as well. There are premium options as well
  • Disk Space: With this particular feature, you will get an impressive disk space of 1 GB. This allows you to upload images that are not too big. All of this you get and that too, free of cost
  • 10 GB Bandwidth: It means that you will be provided with a 10 GB bandwidth which makes it possible for the users to enjoy the services of the web host
  • MySQL And PHP Support: This is another one of the benefits that you have with 000webhost.com. When it comes to the PHP and MySQL Support, most web hosting services claim to provide those services but fail to do so. This is something that you don’t have to worry about when you have the services of 000webhost
  • cPanel: The amazing control panel or cPanel is certainly an advanced technology that provides access to the users for an amazing experience. The cPanel is filled with innumerable features and is very simple and easy for using. One of the most important things is that cPanel is included by more paid web hosts and here you get it for free
  • Auto Installer: This interesting feature of 000webhost is the one that offers the users with an easy installer that sets up with just a simple click of the button. Turn your website into an excellent and transformed resource with just a single click with the help of the Auto Installer
  • Uptime Guarantee: You also get a 99% uptime guarantee when you choose the services of 000webhost. This service is provided in the premium package and you might have to upgrade to get the offer

Customer  Support

Well, this is something that we love about the 000webhost service. The customer support that they provide is absolutely amazing. The free accounts do not get the luxury of the live chat and the phone support, but then, there is the forum page that can be used by them. If you are a free account holder and you have a complaint, just got to the forum page and state your issue. Such is the support service of the web host that your problem will be solved  instantaneously.

That was the case with the free accounts. In case of the premium ones, they are provided with live chat service, phone, and email support as well for offering a trouble-free experience of web  hosting.

Some Drawbacks That You Should Know  About

It is true that 000webhost is a plethora of benefits and features, but it is just like any other web host on the Internet. So, it is pretty obvious that there are some drawbacks associated with the web host that turns to be a problem for  many.

  • To begin, many users have complained that their websites have been removed without a notice from the web host
  • The absence of SSL Support makes it an unsecured platform
  • You also get many reminders about the upgrades that require a definite amount of expenses


To conclude the review, we would say that this free hosting WordPress service is certainly worth a try as the drawbacks are so less that you can ignore them. The amazing features make our decision even more  strong.

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