12 Things Pelosi Missed in Her Cupboard of Cuts


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) told CNN yesterday that there isn’t a single thing the government can afford to cut from its budget:

“[T]he cupboard is bare. There’s no more cuts to make. It’s really important that people understand that.”

Oh, really?

Just off the top of my head, here are a dozen things the government could’ve cut to save the taxpayers some money:

1. We spent $7.2 million to put more sand on Coney Island.

2. It’s almost embarrassing that government thought “cigarette-monitoring underwear” was worth the $400,000 investment.

3. Let’s not forget the $45,000 government spent to market bloody Mary mix – and $213,000 spent on a Virginia farm to make more strawberry flavored ice cream and jellies.

4. Last March, the federal government doled out $1.18 million for puppets.

5.Can someone ask the Department of Defense if the $31,000 contract an oil painting of former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta was necessary?

6. We cannot forget the First Family’s African outing, which cost taxpayers up to $100 million.

7.Concerning fueling our national defense, we’re paying $59/gallon on “green” jet fuel.  By the way, this contract was signed amidst sequestration.  Additionally, regular jet fuel costs about $3.73 per gallon.

8.Concerning the bottomless hole known as green jobs, we’ve spent $21 billion to create 28,854 jobs! That’s nearly $728,000 a job.

9. Did we have to spend $81,000 on televisions for Gitmo detainees while civilian workers got furloughed?

10. Also, how can we forget the $25,000 study that sought to link childhood obesity to fatty, sugar-filled foods?

11.Someone needs to ask if the $556,000 HHS spent on LGBT mental health training for medical students was necessary.

12. Lastly, there’s Obamacare.  It’s costing us over a trillion dollars, and there’s more than enough places to trim, cut, or refine. After all, the new law hasn’t been undergoing the smoothest of transitions into becoming fully functional.

Madame Leader, the cupboard is fully stocked – and needs to be emptied.

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