20 Best Things To Do In Chile

Chile has one of the most diverse landscapes in the world, the transition from the desert to the glacier-filled mountain to the ocean is unbelievable. It occupies a long and narrow stretch of land covering the western coast. Its most striking feature is the diverse array of ecosystems and contrasting environments. 

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Highlighting the best things to do in Chile you should do

  • Visit Torres del Paine National Park

Torres del Paine National Park is famous for the three granite peaks that rise about 9,400 feet above sea level.  Torres del Paine National Park is recognized as one of the most stunning parks in the world. It has surrounding valleys, lakes, rivers, and snow-topped mountains. The scenery of this park will leave anyone high with its beauty that can’t be described by mere adjectives. 

  • Tour in Rapa Nui National Park

Located in the world’s most remote islands, Rapa Nui National Park is famous around the world and a landmark of Eastern Island. The Rapa Nui National Park covers about 40 % of the entire island and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

  •  Visit the lakes and volcanoes of Vicente Perez Rosales National Park

Vicente Perez Rosales National Park has impressive geological formations, volcanoes, and lakes. The park has postcard-perfect scenery, with its scarred lands and stupendous landscapes.

  • Visit Humboldt Penguin National Reserve

Humboldt Penguin National Reserve is located in La Serena and is home to some penguins.

  • Kayak around Bernardo O’Higgins National Park

You can explore the park by kayaking in the fjords that intersperse the glacier and mountains. With the difficult location of the park, it is equally beautiful as the other park, and your efforts will be rewarded by the unique and mesmerizing landscape you will find yourself immersed in. The park has glaciers, icebergs, and fjords. 

  • Relax in Juan Fernandez National Park

Juan Fernandez home to a plethora of flora and fauna that can be observed while trekking and hiking the green-coated mountains of the archipelago. Its most striking characters is peace, tranquillity and will likely offer a relaxing break from the modern world. 

  • Conguillio National Park

Conguillio National Park has a huge variety of ecosystems that entices and attracts tourists. Conguillio National Park has ancient lava flows and sparkling crystal clear waters. With the eminent abundance of scenery and vegetation, the parks seem a miracle to even exist. 

  • Tour around Llama

Llama is an active volcano that frequently erupts producing impressive lava formation.

  • Visit the places in Lauca National Park

Lauca National Park has Cotaconi and Chungara Lakes, foothills of Payachata, volcanoes of Guallatiri and Acotango, and home to the small town of Parinacota. The parks have an incredible array of wildlife, including cougars, alpacas, llamas, birds, and guanacos. 

  • Get a Glimpse of the 877 Moai in Rapa Nui

The Rapa Nui National Park is famous for its 877 monumental statues, called moai. These enormous stone statues are a marvel of human ingenuity and were believed to originate from aliens. Their entire existence still remains a mystery, especially how they were erected. 

  • Observe wildlife in their natural habitat in Chiloe

Chiloe is popular for the impressive variety of island that inhabits the islands. It is home to leopard seals, sea birds, Humboldt, Magellanic penguins, finbacks, humpbacks, sies, and pygmy blue whales. 

  • Swim in the waters of Pan de Azúcar 

Pan de Azúcar National Park features almost 100,000 acres of beaches. The national park has impeccable white sand and turquoise waters. The blue sea extends as far as the eyes can see. 

  • Beach hunting is Viña del Mar

Some popular beaches in Viña del Mar are Santiaguinos, Playa las Salinas and Playa Reñaca. It is a good choice for family vacations and for beach goers.

  • Surf in Iquique Beach

 Iquique is a paradise between beaches and the desert. This beach is the landing zone for paragliders and is a perfect beach to go surfing. 

  • Bird Watching in Lauca

The Lauca National Park is also a haven for birdwatchers with almost 140 species living in the park. 

  • Visit the heart of the Pacific Ocean.

The Playa Anekena is located in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, the secluded island of Easter. This island has calm, deep blue waters and soft white coral sand.

  • Enjoy water sports in Bahía Inglesa

Bahasa Inglesia is surrounded by bone dry and secluded Atacama Desert. It has a long stretch of shining white sand and is a perfect place to engage in water sports, whether it’s sailing, surfing, windsurfing, kayaking, and kite surfing. 

  • Shop Mapuche crafts

Take time to visit local shops and be amazed by the unique style of Mapuche Crafts.

  • Visit Pio XI

Pio XI is the world’s largest glacier, located in the region of Magallanes.

  • Visit the Rock formation in Playa La Virgen

The name of the beach originated from the rock formation that depicts the Virgin Mary. If you want to experience the beach with a touch of religiousness, Playa La Virgen is perfect for you.


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