24/7 Wall St.’s 50 Least Powerful People in the World

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Who are the 50 Least Powerful People in the World?  24/7 Wall St. compiled a list of 50 well-known individuals from around the world who have recently experienced a dramatic loss in stature. These individuals, be they influential political figures, powerful executives, or successful athletes, have each fallen a great distance from their peak — some by their own doing and some as a result of circumstance.  Click HERE for the full  article.

24/7 Wall St.’s 50 LEAST Powerful People in the  World 

1   Bill Ackman — Hedge Fund Manager
2   Roger Ailes — Fox News Channel
3   Hulls Akar — Turkish Military General
4   Emperor Akihito — Emperor of Japan
5   Mohammad Sanusi Barkindo — Secretary General of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)
6   Anthony Batts — Police Commissioner Baltimore Police Department
7   Pope Benedict XVI
8   Noel Biderman — CEO of Ashley Madison
9   Joe Boehner — Speaker of the House of Representatives
10  Bill de Blasio — Mayor of New York City
11  Sepp Blatter — President of International Federation of Association Football (FIFA)
12  Megan Brennan — Postmaster General of the United States
13  Ursula Burns — CEO of Xerox
14  Jeb Bush — Former Governor of Florida
15  David Cameron — Former UK Prime Minister
16  Eric Cantor — Former House Majority Leader
17  El Chapo — Kingpin
18  Chris Christie — Governor of New Jersey
19  Bill Cosby — Comedian
20  Nick Denton — Founder of Gawker Media
21  Johnny Depp — Actor, Film Producer and Musician
22  Jared Fogle — Corporate Spokesperson — Subway
23  Elizabeth Holmes — Founder of Theranos
24  Kathleen Kane — Pennsylvania’s Attorney General
25  Linda Katehi — Former Chancellor of the University of California
26  Renaud Laplanche — Former CEO of LendingClub
27  Ryan Lochte — U.S. Olympic Athlete
28  Paul Manafort — Former Donald Trump Campaign Chairman
29  Johnny Manziel — Former NFL Quarterback
30  Garry McCarthy — Former Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department
31  Pat McCory — Former North Carolina Governor
32  Keith Olbermann — TV Personality 
33  Michael Pearson — Former CEO of Valiant Pharmaceuticals
34  David Petraeus — Former US General and Head of the CIA
35  Alex Rodriguez — Retired New York Yankee
36  Ronda Rousey — Former UFC Champion
37  Dilma Rousseff — Suspended President of Brazil
38  Maria Sharapova — Professional Tennis Star
39  Martin Shkreli — Former CEO of Turning Pharmaceuticals
40  Sheldon Silver — Former New York Assembly Speaker
41  Hope Solo — U.S. Women’s Olympic Soccer Goalkeeper
42   Kenneth Starr — Former President of Baylor University
43  Donald Sterling — Former Owner of the NBA Los Angeles Clippers
44  Taylor Swift — Musician
45  Tim Tebow — Former NFL Quarterback
46  Debbie Wassermann Schultz — Former Chairperson of the Democratic National Committee
47  Brian Williams — Journalist
48  Martin Winterkorn — Former CEO of Volkswagen
49  Tiger Woods — Professional Golfer
50  Alexander Zhukov — President of the Russian Olympic Committee


To identify the 50 least influential people in the world, 24/7 Wall St. compiled a list of as many well-known individuals around the world who have recently experienced a precipitous loss in stature as possible. Of these individuals, we attempted to select those who fell the furthest from the greatest  height.

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