3 Best Ways to Improve your Pets’ Immune System

Does your dog have recurring infections? In these cases it is always necessary to go to the veterinarian, but it is important that the treatment goes beyond correcting the symptoms and focuses on the primary cause, which in these cases is usually a poor response of the immune system. Keeping our pet’s immune system in a great state is the key so that our friend can enjoy a good quality of life, so as owners this should be a priority for us.

In this article we give you the three best ways to strengthen the immune system in dogs. These three paths can also be applied to other pets.
– Food as the basis of good health
– Daily physical exercise
– Caring for pharmacological treatments

  1. Food as the basis of good health

    Feeding is a determining factor for the health of the dog and for proper functioning of the immune system, if the defense cells or white blood cells do not have the nutrients they need, they will not be able to exercise their function effectively. What lowers the immune response is not only a nutritional deficit but also the ingestion of toxic substances or of poor quality, something that usually happens when we give our dog a commercial food of low quality.

    If you want to feed your dog’s defenses you have to choose one of the following options:

    – High-end ration
    – Organic food
    – Homemade food with nutritional supervision
    – BARF Diet (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food)

CBD is known for its good effect, be it for relaxation or illness. They come in various forms such as CBD drops or CBD wax. CBD can’t only be a valuable aid to humans, but also to animals. Of course, an animal can’t make any form of CBD take, just think of CBD cigarettes. But only drops are also good for an animal to take. CBD oils for dogs are becoming more popular day by day.
Amount of CBD in an animal
Especially because of the good qualities of the CBD in pets, it can be used whenever an animal suffers from anxiety, infections, pain or indigestion. In addition, it can also relieve severe pain in case of illness or accident. Of course, there is always the question of the right quantity. The manufacturer’s recommendations should not be followed here. Because these are usually addressed to people. With an animal, one should always consider weight in terms of quantity. There are recommendations that no more than 2 drops per 5 kg of weight should be used. Of a larger amount, you must abstain. Although to this day there are no side effects. It may take some time for the CBD in an animal. Basically, the CBD should no longer be used for three months. After this period, you should take at least a short break before giving CBD. You might need a CBD dosage chart.

  1. Daily physical exercise

    A dog needs to exercise daily (within its possibilities and limitations) for several reasons, one of the most important being stress management, since a dog that does not exercise is a dog that can stress very easily. Stress in dogs is a condition that directly decreases the activity of the immune system. Because? The dog’s body releases several hormones, which occupy the receptors of white blood cells and prevent them from recognizing and facing a pathogen. Daily walks and exercise should be one of the primary care you should give your dog.

  2. Caring for pharmacological treatments

    Natural therapies should always complement each other as the first treatment option, although we recognize that the most appropriate professional is the holistic veterinarian. In general, drugs decrease the body’s own healing resources and act as toxicants to the liver. In addition, when it comes to corticosteroid drugs, they directly cause a significant drop in immune system response.

    When pharmacological treatment is performed with antibiotics, the main defense structures affected are the beneficial bacteria that are part of the intestinal flora. To avoid this damage, probiotics for dogs should be administered in parallel to taking antibiotics.

Reinforce your dog’s defenses with natural methods as one of the treatments

In addition to taking into account the advice we showed you earlier, if your puppy has a poor immune system, this disorder can be treated using several alternative therapies such as the following:

– Homeopathy
– Bach Flowers
– Reiki
– Acupuncture

They should not be applied without proper professional supervision, but when used, they will effectively help your pet, increase its defenses and prevent future diseases.
This article is purely informative and we suggest that you bring your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or malaise. Thanks for reading!

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