3 Dumbest Team Building Exercises


There is nothing worse than being with a team in crisis. Poor communication and attitude issues can really pull a team apart and kill productivity. But worse still is for a team to perform dumb team building exercises that hurt the team and their members. Carlton’s Training interviewed employees from companies they represent all over the world to identify the top three to avoid at all costs.

Great leaders like Lou Holtz have strategies. But Lou Holtz Do Right program never talks about spitting in another employee’s mouth. This team building exercise was not just stupid but distasteful. An employee from a company in Arizona described how his team was to bond. They had to take a big drink of soda and then spit the pop into a co-worker’s mouth! What kind of team does this build?

The Lou Holtz video If Enough People Care is a great lesson in team building. But nowhere in the program do any of the leaders or players get naked to achieve their goals. This team building exercise was held in a different culture but the employee raised in that culture and with a company in Japan described it as the dumbest they had ever taken part in. “We had to take a bath with our manager. It was somehow supposed to make us all equals but it was just weird. It was all same sex but still.”

The Lou Holtz Do Right video is a classic in how to use trust and love to develop a great power of teamwork. This employee with a New York firm describes how this stupid team building exercise can not only hurt team members but literally kill them! His office had a trust exercise that required hand holding and touching after consuming large amounts of peanut products of which he is allergic. He got into trouble for not participating even though participating in this team building exercise would have meant death!

The power of teams lies in trust. But trust is established by communication and on the job work where team members learn day in and day out their co-workers will come through. Falling back into a team members arms demonstrates they have strong arms but it doesn’t tell demonstrate they will work late with their amazing programming skills. To view any of the programs in this story go to CarltonsTraining.com. To learn more about that company click on the link Carlton’s Training.

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