3 Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Designing a huge bathroom is not a big deal since you have the space to maneuver around, and implement whatever designs you want. Things are different when you try designing a small bathroom. You need to get creative for you to make your small bathroom look bigger and beautiful. Luckily, with all the information available online today, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding a bathroom design that fits best with your small bathroom. A site like Home Worthy List has amazing ideas on small toilet designs for your tiny bathroom. To help you in the design process, here are 3 small bathroom design ideas that you could try out.

  1.    Make use of mirror walls

One of the reasons why you need creative designs for your small bathroom is to make it look bigger. You don’t want to feel cramped up when using your bathroom. It also doesn’t feel good when the first thing your visitors notice is the size of your bathroom. One of the best ways to create the illusion of a bigger bathroom is to use mirrors. Add mirrors to all sides of your bathroom and it instantly makes it bigger and more impressive. Mirrors also add to the amount of light reflecting in your bathroom, further creating the impression of a bigger, livelier room. The best part about using mirrors is that it’s a relatively cheap design to implement. Unless you are looking for high-end mirrors, most of them are relatively inexpensive, and you can install them by yourself. And if you’re hesitating, fret not for getting the right bathroom furniture will lead to Little Bathroom victories.

  1.    Go for wall-mounted toilets

The toilet takes up a significant portion of your small bathroom. As such, you need to go for one that best fits your bathroom. One of the most practical toilets for a small bathroom is the wall-mounted toilet. The wall-mounted toilet helps you increase the leg room in your toilet. It also gives you an additional space to store other bathroom stuff such as the toilet brush. There are lots of toilet designs that you can implement, but the wall-mounted one makes the most sense for a small bathroom. Besides, when you make use of mirrors and good lighting in your bathroom, it can make the room look more aesthetically pleasing, giving you a mix of practicality and looks.

  1.   Get rid of the bathtub

Bathtubs are nice, and are amazing for cooling off after a long day at work. However, they only work best in big bathrooms. To get your small bathroom looking nice, get rid of the bathtub. You can go for showers instead. A good quality shower works perfectly if what you want is a nice warm bath after a long day at work. Showers create room in your bathroom, and when combined with good mirrors and lighting, they can give you a spacious, aesthetically pleasing bathroom. The best part is that, installing a shower is easy. In fact, it is something you can do by yourself if you have some basic experience with home improvement works. They are also relatively cheaper when compared to bathtubs.

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