3 Ways Party Bikes are Improving Bar Hopping

Bicycle riding for fun and sport is increasing in popularity. Not only is bicycle riding a great stress reliever, but it is also a great mode of transportation, especially for short distances. When you engage in bicycle riding with friends, it is a great way to socialize and still get a bit of exercise as you go. You get to be a part of nature, instead of stuck inside behind windows and doors as you travel. You get to experience the sights and sounds of the environment as well as be active at the same time. Also, in this age of going green, operating a bicycle does not harm the environment. There is no oil or gas being used or exhaust being emitted. It is much more economical than driving a vehicle.

Party bikes are increasingly becoming popular in the bar-hopping scene. According to Wikipedia, bar hopping, or pub crawling, is increasing in popularity as ways to promote tourism, as well as help people make new acquaintances in different cities. A lot of the time, a theme is chosen and costumes are worn.

As if bar hopping wasn’t entertaining enough on its own, now the trip from bar to bar can compete with the fun had in each establishment. They also can seat between 16 and 20 people, so the entire group can travel together to each place. These party bikes are usually designed to look like early 20th-century trolley cars and have side seating for the pedalers, a bench seat in the rear, rack-and-pinion steering, and a canopy top, so even rainy weather wouldn’t stop the fun. Modern party bikes are typically fifteen to twenty feet long, seven feet wide and eight feet tall. To ensure safety on city streets, most are equipped with headlights, taillights, and turn signals, as well as lighting for use at night.

Here are some reasons why party bikes are the way to go with your next adventure.

Safe Way to Bar Hop

By having a party bike to travel from one place to another, all the people in your group can travel together. No longer will you have to worry about multiple vehicles and drivers or losing someone in the process. The party continues as you pedal to the next place. You are given a sober captain to navigate so you don’t have to worry about safe navigation. Also, there are very few accidents associated with party bikes, whether it is the slower speed or safety measures implemented.

The Fun Never Ends

By pedaling to each new destination, the exercise not only will burn calories between stops but also helps you metabolize the alcohol more quickly. This helps to keep you from overdoing it with drinking too much alcohol and also keeps you awake and alert so you can continue the fun at the next bar. Taking a break from drinking between stops will allow the evening to continue longer without people having to go home early.

More Economical Than Other Group Transportation

A party bike is a great way to corral your crowd and keep them together. Not only does your crowd enjoy themselves at the individual stops, but the fun also continues between your stops by having everyone work together to power the bike. Party bikes are much more economical than renting a limousine or a party bus. Party bikes are extremely popular for parties and tourist events. More people today are coming to appreciate experiences over material things.
Renting a pedal party bike is a fun, social, relaxing way to visit new drinking establishments as a party or group. Wikipedia lists the numerous ways that bicycling can improve your physical health. Socializing and spending time with your friends while doing it is sure to be a boost to your mental health as well. Not only will you use biking for transport, recreation, exercise and sport, but also for entertainment and a party atmosphere also.

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