3 Weekend Home Repairs That You Can Do Yourself

Some repairs and changes take longer than a weekend to get done. They can drag on and before you know it, weeks have gone by. This is a situation to be avoided by homeowners.

Therefore, in this article, we have provided three weekend home repairs and changes that won’t take forever to complete.

Refinish the Wooden Floors

Refinishing wooden floors is a weekend task that requires patience and a strong back to push through to its conclusion. While many DIY fans will sand a wooden floor down and then finish it, this is often more extensive than is required.

The list of supplies needed is not extensive. A liquid floor cleaner along with mineral spirits are the first necessary ones. Painter’s tape is best to protect painted areas from getting any spirit or cleaner on them by accident. Nearby drywall might require a sanding screen too. Also, don’t forget wool pads usually made from synthetic steel for the tricky parts. Then the final flourish by applying a finisher solution (polyurethane, usually) delivers long-lasting results.

The step-by-step process is best found by checking this link. It provides a detailed explanation for what’s required to avoid missing a step and making a costly mistake.

Painting Exterior Walls

The exterior walls of your property often get grubbier faster than the indoor ones (unless you have kids that love to put their fingers all over the walls, that is). Painting the exterior isn’t difficult, but it does require being careful when doing so to avoid injury. Hundreds of thousands of people fall off ladders every year. Don’t be one of those people this year.

Use a multi-stage ladder, put on some coveralls, and a covering over the floor to avoid paint dripping onto it which will only make more work for later. If you wish to wear a face mask to avoid breathing in paint fumes, that’s not a bad idea either. When the exterior walls are fairly high, you might want to think about hiring a scaffold platform. Contractors can get around this by wearing a safety harness, which would be attached to the roof, but this type of equipment isn’t really designed for homeowners. You can use a ladder, but always have someone supporting the base of the ladder, to prevent falls.

Fix Any Door, Lock or Window Defects

Doors shift and adjust with use over time. If you live in a hotter climate and the doors are made of wood, then their frames will warp and change shape in the heat. This results in doors eventually not closing smoothly because they catch and rub on the door frame.

Tending to door usage issues and fixing or replacing locking mechanisms removes any sticking point. Sanding or trimming down the edges and underside of a door may provide the clearance required. Getting the locking mechanism renewed or replacing the lock with a better one is another solution there too.

Once you’ve gotten the strictly weekend-only improvements out of the way, it’s time to set a plan in motion for the longer tasks. With those, just ensure you only tackle one at a time to avoid getting bogged down.

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