4 Quiet Retreats That Are Worth the Investment


Between work, school, family and social commitments, most people’s lives are go, go, go all of the time. But you need a place where you can relax and enjoy some quiet to refresh yourself. Perhaps you enjoy unwinding with a book or puzzle in hand. Maybe you don’t need anything to occupy your time — anything beside the beauty of the scene around you. Whatever you enjoy, making an investment in a quiet, relaxation zone will prove integral to your mental health.

A Gently Used Boat

There’s a reason why gentle waves are a default noise on relaxation sound machines. Oceans and lakes are among the most peaceful places on earth on a warm, calm day. When out on the water, you literally leave the hustle and bustle of life behind. No one can bother you. Nothing will distract you. Find your own tranquility on the water by buying a boat.

Boats are actually among the least expensive relaxing retreats. Pay hundreds or even thousands less than you might expect for a gently used boat sold by a charitable organization. These organizations acquire donated boats and refurbish them as necessary before selling them to the highest bidder. Because they don’t pay for the initial boat and they’re non-profit, they can afford to start the auctions at incredibly low prices, so you won’t have to pay much.

An Enclosed Porch
Fresh air can do wonders for a fatigued mind. But maybe you don’t have the energy to go for a walk, or you want to enjoy some quiet time alone or with loved ones. Enclosing your porch gives you access to fresh air and bright, refreshing light without the hassle of bugs. You can even enjoy the fresh air when it’s raining without worrying about getting wet. An enclosed porch is not only a beautiful place for a private retreat, but it can also provide a bug-free way to enjoy your meals outdoors all summer long. Contact a contractor or a knowledgeable neighbor to help you get the materials you need to enclose your porch.

A Gazebo
Take the enclosed porch atmosphere a step further and invest in a gazebo in your backyard. Surrounded by bushes, trees and flowers, your gazebo will resemble something out of a fairy tale. With a gazebo roof over your head, you can enjoy the fresh air and warmth without the blinding sun shining in your eyes. ImproveNet estimates gazebos cost an average of $9,905 to build, but says you could spend as little as $5,625. Still, that might be more than you hoped to pay. However, when you consider the years of relaxation and beauty you’ll get out of the addition to your property, it just might prove worthwhile.

A Furnished Basement or Attic
Maybe you already get plenty of fresh air and you want to make a retreat inside. Perhaps you’re worried about what will happen to your quiet retreat when winter comes and you can no longer sail or sit outside on the porch or gazebo. Maybe you want to watch TV, play games and store electronics indoors in your quiet retreat. If so, furnish your basement or attic.

When it comes to expense, refurnishing an entire floor of your home takes the cake. HomeAdvisor estimates furnishing a basement will cost between $17,025 and $23,041, for example. That potentially involves completely gutting the room and possibly adding:

New flooring
New walls
Window wells (to let in light if in the basement)
Desks, bars and islands

A furnished basement or attic is an expensive retreat, but there are few things as rewarding as the feeling you’ll get when you move away from your home’s ground-floor noise — like you’re in a secret place built just for you.
Stress can affect a person’s physical as well as mental health: 75 to 90 percent of physician visits can be attributed to stress, according to PsychCentral.

Stress can affect a person’s physical as well as mental health: 75 to 90 percent of physician visits can be attributed to stress, according to PsychCentral. Stress can give you headaches, stomachaches, anxiety attacks and fatigue. It can make you unable to function, which makes you stress even more. Investing in a retreat where you can unwind on a regular basis is one of the most worthwhile investments you’ll make. You’re not investing in the physical things around you so much as you’re investing in your own health.

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