4 Sci-Fi Movies that Explore the Capabilities of the Human Brain


Loved for their futuristic perspective, the kind of imagination that is used in sci-fi movies keeps the viewer in awe through the film. The craze for sci-fi movies is such that Star Wars: The Force Awakens, released in 2015, made a gross collection of $936.63 million, while the 2009 movie Avatar earned $760.51million and E.T. (1982) made a collection of $434.95 million. These movies were way ahead of their time, showing us a glimpse of the world in the  future.

There are, however, certain movies that can surprise us by showing the immense potential of our brain. When the human brain is provided with a steady supply of acetylcholine, it can prevent aging, which is where brain boosters that contain L Tyrosine, such as Noopept & NZT48, come into play, according to leading review site  Brainenhancementadvisor.org.

Here are 4 movies that give us a glimpse of what our brain is capable of and might just motivate you to explore the potential of your own cognitive function, even if it is with the help of smart pills or brain enhancement  supplements.

4 Movies that Challenge the Potential of the Human Brain

  1. Charly (1968):An American, scientific, futuristic, drama, written by Sterling Silliphant and directed and produced by Ralph Nelson, Charly is a movie about an intellectually disabled adult, named Charly Gordon, played by Cliff Robertson. Charly was chosen by two doctors to undergo a brain operation that triples his IQ, after the success of the procedure to artificially enhance the IQ of a mouse. The movie is based on a novel by Daniel Keyes.

  1. The Terminal Man (1974): Based on a novel by Michael Crichton, about the dangers of mind control, The Terminal Manis a story about a computer scientist who specializes in artificial intelligence, portrayed by actor George Segal (as Harold Benson). After a car accident, he experiences seizures, followed by blackouts, where he has no idea what he might have done during that period. John Ellis and Robert Morris, two NPS surgeons, perform a more-advanced-than-its-time surgery on Harold, in which a modern medicine, referred to as a “brain pacemaker,” which is today called a neurostimulator, is implanted in his brain to control his seizures. However, this experiment leads to certain unwanted results.

  1. Total Recall (1990): The movie, directed by Paul Verhoeven,is about the ability to alter memories in a human brain. The story is about a construction worker, Douglas Quaid, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is having troubling dreams about Mars and a mysterious woman there, due to an implanted piece of fiction. After a point of time, he faces difficulty in differentiating between dreams and reality.

  1. Limitless (2011): This movie is about brain enhancement pills that allow an individual to tap into the brain’s full potential, while increasing concentration, focus, learning power and memory. Released in 2011, Limitlessis a movie about a young man, Edward Morra, played by Bradley Cooper, who is a struggling writer. Under certain circumstances, he takes a sample of a new “smart drug,” called NZT-48, and gains the ability to fully utilize his brain. Eventually, his entire lifestyle changes and he becomes capable of accomplishing what was impossible for him earlier.

The good news is that not all of this is sci-fi today. There are memory supplements and brain boosters that can actually improve concentration, focus, memory and cognitive function. However, check out those with natural ingredients to minimize the risk of harmful side  effects.

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