4 Steps to Keep Your Kitchen Clean At All Times


It is easy to create a mess while working in the kitchen. And it is equally difficult to enter the same messy kitchen the next time you need to cook something for the family. While most of us are well aware of this, many of us don’t pay as much attention to the cleanliness of the kitchen as we should. Then there are some of us who wish that our fairy godmother would come take care of it for us!

Would it surprise you to know that taking just 20 minutes out in a day can give you a spotless kitchen that you would love to enter every now and then? Things would be even better if you were to invest in a good kitchen disposal system. This will take care of a large part of the smelly trash, keeping the kitchen smelling clean and fresh, suggests an expert North Shore plumber from Mikes Chicago  Plumbing.

Here are four steps in which you can deep clean your kitchen in just 20 minutes a  day.

Step 1: Incorporate Kitchen Cleaning into Your Daily  Schedule

Most of us like to maintain a list of our daily schedule, which includes our daily meetings, important tasks, etc. But in how many of those lists does kitchen cleaning feature? Not many, I am guessing! When you include kitchen cleaning as a mandatory chore, it would be really hard for you to go to bed leaving that pile of dirty dishes in the kitchen  sink.

Step 2: Stick to an  Order

Start with the dishes, then move to cleaning the surfaces and end up with cleaning the floor. This is the order that you should consciously follow for some days, until it becomes a habit. Following a set plan will keep things simple for you, without the need of worrying where to start from each time you start  cleaning.

When you are washing dishes, don’t forget to turn on the garbage disposal to churn away any food leftovers, without the sink getting really dirty. If you do not have such a device in your kitchen, contact the nearest plumbing services, Chicago has some excellent 24 hour plumbers who can  help.

Step 3: Use a  Timer

Using a timer really helps when you are pressed for time. The tickling of the timer keeps you under pressure and you take care of the task at hand quicker than expected. Instead of setting the timer for a whole 20 minutes, set it for different times, depending on the task. For example, set five minutes for cleaning the dishes, 2 minutes for wiping the countertops and again five minutes for mopping the floor, and so  on.

Step 4: Give 10 Minutes Extra on  Weekends

To further deep clean the kitchen, use some extra time on the weekend to clean out the refrigerator, dishwasher and garbage disposal. Wipe down the front of small and large kitchen appliances, cabinet shelves, and even the walls. This will keep your kitchen bacteria-free, aiding the well being of your  family.

If you detect a foul odor coming from your garbage disposal, which occurs from a build-up of food debris within the system, place ice cubes and a wedge of lemon or orange peels in the disposer and run for 30  seconds.

If the foul smell doesn’t go, contact Mikes Chicago Plumbing for emergency plumber in Chicago for  help.

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