4 Technological Trip-Ups and How to Avoid Them

In life, we all make mistakes. And when it comes to the digital world, you may be the most digitally literate of your peer group, but that doesn’t make you infallible to errors in the world of technology and digital media. This guide looks at four different areas of digital danger and talks you through how to avoid embarrassing, damaging or disruptive trip-ups. By educating yourself about the digital arena, you’ll ensure that you never fall foul to the pitfalls of the electronic and computer-based  age.


Computer viruses have been around for as long as computers themselves. They range from incredibly damaging to barely noticeable, but naturally, it should always be your aim to avoid them at all costs. In worst-case scenarios, you’ll lose all your precious data – whether that be photos and videos, music, or hundreds of important documents. The lesson? Always backup your data on an external hard drive. Ensure that you’ve got adequate anti-virus security measures in place, and check for viruses regularly. Finally, be sure to be aware of the main sources of viruses, and avoid them like the  plague.

Data  Theft

Another growing issue in the realm of cybercrime is the theft of your personal data. Innocuous enough at first glance, your personal data can be used in a variety of ways to access your email and social media platforms, followed by your bank accounts and your accounts with sites such as Amazon and PayPal. This can be incredibly damaging. Never give your data to anyone, and report those you feel might be up to no good. It’s also wise to consider your office 365 data security, taking up measures to protect your personal or business data from thieves or bad  actors.

Trolling, Bullying &  Abuse

The internet is not necessarily mainly made up of people hurling abuse at one another, but as is so often the case in the real world, those who shout the loudest often seem to be the most populous. Avoid these people while using the online sphere, and you’ll want to report anyone who abuses, trolls or bullies you – or anyone, for that matter – immediately. Most social media platforms now operate a ‘zero tolerance’ rule on bullying and abuse and will remove those individuals from their networks if they’re  reported.

Hardware  Issues

Finally, digital issues can sometimes simply stem from the way you’ve treated your hardware. It’s difficult to constantly in mind that you’re using items and objects that are still deeply rooted in machinery and engineering, so be careful with your hardware, whether that means buying a laptop case or ensuring that your desktop PC never overheats. If computers do come to be damaged, they can quickly deteriorate unless seen to by a professional, so it’s always advisable to pay to get your hardware seen to immediately if there’s a problem – though of course, avoiding the problem through protection should be your first  objective.

The digital world is no less free from trip-ups than the physical one, and as such, this list prepares you for four of the most common issues that arise from the digital  landscape.

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