4-Year-Old Handcuffed, Shackled Taken to Sheriff’s Office for Acting Out in Class


The Rutherford Institute, has come to the aid of a Virginia pre-school student was handcuffed and shackled by a police officer and then taken to the Sheriff’s office after allegedly acting out in class.  While at the Sheriff’s office, the 4-year old was allegedly forced to talk to prison inmates in an effort to scare him straight.

The school claims that the 4-year-old was placed in the shackles after an outburst during which he threw blocks, climbed over desks, hit, scratched and kicked the principal and the director of special education.

In a letter to the school, Rutherford says that the child has been traumatized by the event and is suffering nightmares. It also calls on the school to lift the 4-year-old’s suspension and take steps to ensure this incident isn’t repeated with other children.

“A four year-old boy clearly poses no grave threat to a trained Sheriff’s deputy,” but, “The psychological ramifications of handcuffing and shacking a preschooler are far-reaching,” it notes.

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