4th & Inches with Noel Scarlett

By Chris Kidd, Special for  USDR

Radio Host Kevin Price, and Chris Kidd, Financial Coach and Contributor on the Price of Business on Business Talk 1110 AM KTEK (on Bloomberg’s home in Houston), interviewed Noel Scarlett who runs 4th & Inches Sports Performance, LLC, an elite football training facility in Carrollton,  TX

Noel Scarlett knows what it takes to become an elite football player, because he’s done it. Following his career in the NFL, he found a way to pass his football wisdom on and he founded 4th & Inches. This elite football training facility offers programs for players of all ages to improve their skills, from the six year old youngster just learning the game, to a high school players who want to get recruited to play college ball, to college players training for the NFL Combine. They even have off-season programs for current pro players. (Listen to the entire interview  here)

Noel’s 4th & Inches is a coaching partner with CoachUp, the renowned coaching company founded by Jordan Fliegel (also a former guest of the show). Athletes from all over the world can search CoachUp to find the best coaches in their sport, and 4th & Inches is one of the top football facilities around. Noel says he strives to teach guys how to be a complete player and “not just play the game but  dominate.”

Chris Kidd asked Noel what players can do to prepare for their future, and what those who make it to the professional level need to keep in mind. Noel said, “The biggest issue is to be realistic. One of the things that we do here is we’re realistic with players, we’re realistic from the high school standpoint, we’re realistic from the NFL standpoint. Now a lot of times, you know, as dealing with high-level athletes, you don’t always necessarily want to hear the truth. And so that’s one thing that we constantly preach is, Hey you need to know that this deal’s going to come to an end. It may not necessarily come to an end when you want it to. You may not be able to go out on your own terms, but you need to be thinking about, hey what am I going to do after  football?”

Scarlett says he and his staff are big education pushers and constantly asking guys what they want to do when they are done playing. They are just as concerned with their players being prepared for life off the field as they are with life on the field. (Listen to the entire interview  here)

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