5 Essential Pieces to Buy from a Wholesale Boutique

Boutique styles stand alone in the fashion world. They are more exclusive, more desired and way more original than the big-box store stuff that everyone else is wearing!

We know that wholesale clothing can be at the cutting edge, because they come from designers that set the trends! As experts of the fashion game, we want to give you some insight you won’t find anywhere else. Here are the 5 essential pieces to buy from a wholesale boutique. 

Off-Shoulder Tops

We think too much symmetry is boring, which explains our love for off-shoulder tops. These pieces make a sassy statement but are still formal enough to wear in a wide range of situations. Perfect for a work day, lounge session with friends or a date night.

There are no limitations on the types of prints or materials, since this is just a style of fit. Look into flower patterns, animals prints, pretty pastels or just classic black and white.

Rompers + Jumpsuits

A few styles have risen to the peak of the boutique fashion arena in recent years. Rompers and jumpsuits have definitely earned their spots at the top!

These outfits are lightweight, easy to wear, and there are no limits to the prints and patterns available. We love rompers because they are great for the beach or boardwalk, while jumpsuits are the perfect option for a fun night out on the town.

You can also find these pieces with different sleeve lengths, giving you even more options to choose from. Buying wholesale is one of the best ways to try a bunch of high-quality rompers and jumpers at a super affordable price.

Tunics + Cardigans

Want something a little warmer for those cooler evenings? We love the feeling of being draped in a cardigan or strolling around with a long and flowy tunic. It somehow feels both liberating and comforting at the same time!

There are no limits on when to wear these styles, because they can match almost any occasion! Dress them up at a formal dinner party or use them as an extra layer at the beach for some added coverage. These pieces can be a real canvas for your own creativity.

Embroidered Tops

We’ve seen a big burst in the popularity of embroidered tops of late, and they’re the ultimate expression of boutique fashion! Just check out all the cool ways to express embroidery:

  • Crochet detail on sleeves and collar
  • Extra lace down the seam of a dress
  • Full-lace rompers and jumpers

There’s so much personality in every stitch, and true fashionistas will love the little details. Even a little bit of embroidery goes a long way, which makes it a genuine boutique essential. Buy wholesale to get prices impossible to find anywhere else!

Printed Sweaters

Is there a better feeling in the world than slipping on a cozy sweater after a long day and just chilling out? We aren’t aware of one. Add a fun print on the front and you feel complete at last!

Buying wholesale ensures that you get access to the best materials and the prints that match your personality perfectly. They are also ideal for any weather: breathable and cooling on a warm day and they lock in the heat when it gets cold.

They make great gifts for friends and family, and you can always keep a couple for yourself!


There are some styles that just exude the boutique vibe, and we’ve offered you five excellent pieces to buy wholesale. 

Why not save some cash and stock up on the fashions of tomorrow, instead of paying full price on yesterday’s leftovers? That’s our philosophy!

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