5 Excellent Computer Organization Tips

Most people know a cluttered desk means a cluttered mind, but a cluttered desktop can be just as overwhelming. Thankfully, there are many ways you can clean up your computer to make your files more accessible. There are even programs like OneLaunch that put everything you need at the top of your desktop so that you can reach your most-used apps with one click. Here are five more tips for getting your computer organized.

  1. Organize Your Folders

Creating general folders is a great place to start if you have lots of loose documents and haphazard apps on your desktop. Create categories like work, home, photos, or whatever else is most useful for you, and then you can create sub-categories within those folders depending on your needs. Then, just like organizing your drawers at home, you will always know where you need to put something when you’re saving it.

  1. Clean Out the Junk

If your trash can, downloads folder, and other folders are cluttered with things you don’t need, take the time to delete those files and free up some storage space. Not only will this streamline your work, but it will also help your computer run more smoothly. There are programs that you can use to clean up files, or you can manually search and do it yourself. Make sure not to keep clean-up programs running in the background as it can hurt your computer’s performance.

  1. Delete Old Applications

Applications typically take up more space than other basic files, and if you’re not using them, it may be an excellent time to get rid of them. This is another way to free up space for the things you do use, and you may even want to download some new applications that are more useful for your needs.

  1. Use a Notes Application

Speaking of downloading new applications, notes software can be incredibly helpful in organizing your work, research, and important information. Many computers now have notes software built-in, but external applications may offer more features and flexibility. If you have a tablet, you can even handwrite notes and have them seamlessly transfer between devices.

  1. Back Up Your Files

This may not help your immediate organization needs, but it will help you when transferring your files to a new computer. It will also prevent you from losing everything if your computer crashes. Once you have everything organized, regularly back up your computer to keep everything safe and in order. You can also upload your files to a cloud-based file management system so you can access them from any device when you need them.

Organizing your computer doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It’s undoubtedly less taxing than physically organizing your house, but it may require some patience and thought to get just right. With the help of some convenient software, you can access everything you need without sorting through tons of information every morning when you boot up your system. Follow the tips above, and you’ll be on your way to a clean desktop in no time.

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