5 Fun Trips You Can Take This Summer While Social Distancing

It goes without saying that vacations will look a little different this summer. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, normal vacation spots are closed across the world.

That being said, there’s good news in store: Plenty of safe options remains. Don’t view the COVID-19 pandemic as overly limiting. Instead, view it as an excuse to travel to new and exciting places, one that will make you escape the mold of your normal vacation and find new trips to explore.


The “good news” of the COVID outbreak, such as it is, is that physical distancing is much easier when you are outdoors. As such, outdoor trips can be done with relative safety. Fishing trips are a great way that you can take advantage of the great outdoors: Just get your gear, find your friends (staying at least six feet away from them) and go fishing.

A couple of words of caution, of course. First, make sure that the place you want to fish at is open for business, as some lakes and other bodies have waters that may be temporarily closed. Second, make sure you have all your supplies ahead of time, as there will be plenty of closures that may make it tough for you to purchase bait, lines and other supplies.

Hiking Trails

Hiking trails have become very popular of late, and that popularity will likely only grow as the weather continues to improve. Search out where there are hiking trails in your area and see what you can do in order to take advantage of them.

While social distancing is easier outdoors and indoors, be warned: These trails have become much more popular with the closure of other recreational opporunities. As such, make sure you are consious of keeping your distance from people when walking these trails, and make sure that you go at off hours to avoid running into people as much as possible.


Most places have reopened golf courses, discovering that people are able to enjoy these activities safely when they are outside. As such, if you like golf, make sure to try to go golfing.

Again, call ahead to get a tee time and find out what other rules apply. Many locations have closed down their clubs or locker rooms, and you may not be able to wait around on the property. In other cases, on-site stores are closed and pins have been placed up to try to reduce unnecessary touching. As such, make sure you do your research and get the information you need ahead of time.


When it comes to camping, you can almost never go wrong. Just find a campground that you like, grab your supplies, and go explore nature. Again, this isn’t going to be completely easy during the pandemic, as many places have closed or enacted more stringent social distancing requirements. It is better, of course, to get that information ahead of time and find out what you need to do in order to go camping safely.

Virtual Vacations

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many places to shut down, but that doesn’t mean you can’t explore them digitally. Countless museums, theme parks and historical attractions have made their locations available for digital visits, meaning you can still see them from the comfort and safety of your living room. Try googling or calling the location in question in order to see what sort of virtual tours or options you may have. You can make an entire day out of a virtual tour, and while it’s not the same thing, these virtual tours can give you incredible access to a vairety of facilities that you never would have explored otherwise. Who knows – this may even allow you to find new places to visit when the pandemic ends.

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