5 Great Tips for Organizing Your Laundry Room During Quarantine

Being stuck at home, you’ve likely already scrubbed down every inch of your home multiple times during this quarantine. You’re likely tired of watching the news pundits cycle over the same facts again and again, thus the reason your pantry would rival the neatest of neat grocery store aisles. And, there are just so many times you can play Monopoly and Solitaire games, right? So, why not use your quarantine time for home jobs that you’ve been putting off as too time consuming, such as organizing your laundry room?

Give Your Laundry Room The Attention It Deserves

We all know that laundry rooms often get the short end of the stick. They become the ‘it’ spot to stick the home’s strangler items and may even be doing double duty as a mud room. So, it’s not your most glam room, but it serves a vital function in your home’s day-to-day operations.

If kitchens are the home’s heart, then laundry rooms are most certainly the home’s liver. It may sound a lot less glorious, but the liver’s job is to detoxify and filter. What goes in dirty emerges clean and ready to be useful again. It’s a vital part of your home’s health and an area that deserves some organization to be of best use to you and your family.

Five Tips To Get An Organized Laundry Room

  1. Get A Fresh Start

Pull out all your laundry’s products and tools. Get rid of expired items, anything you haven’t used in the last six months, and broken items. Group items by category or how you use them and frequency of use. Be sure to include that last caveat so that you can have the most frequently used items be the most easily accessed.

This is where creativity takes over. You’ll need to decide the best way to store the items. Some ideas include pullout bins, shelving systems, cabinetry, caddies, and baskets.

A really cheap and easily accessible idea for quarantine is a crate system. As you can see on Pinterest crates look retro and stack easily if need be, or you can secure them to the wall as a self-contained shelving unit. They’re heavy duty without a heavy duty price tag.

Just don’t think that you can grab a freebie crate from your local merchant. Helping yourself to empty milk crates is actually illegal in most states. Ask the distributor for throw outs or just order you a couple of new crates online.

  1. Have A Place For Strays

Few things are more annoying than a sock or glove with a disappearing mate, right? And, we all know that the last few laundry sheets, pods, wipes and so forth often sit around unused while its new replacement gets all the attention. Before you know it, you have multiple opened packages with only the last few left in each, which adds clutter and disorganization to your laundry efforts.

A cork-board above your washer/dryer with cute plastic baggies attached by hooks makes the ideal system to store your stray laundry while it waits for its mate. Dedicate the other side with the same system to place those last few out of packages so that the package can be immediately discarded and the last few are immediately in sight to be used before moving on to new packages.

  1. Create A Sorting System For Your Laundry

Depending on how you wash and how many people are in your home, everyone will sort their laundry a little differently. Think about what best applies to your methods. Do you prefer to be able to quickly wash dark and lights separately to preserve fabrics, or do you want the convenience of having each person’s clothes separated for easy sorting and putting away? Either way, the goal is to put your family to work separating their own laundry into predesignated and labeled bins.

The same should apply for completed laundry. Have a shelf, cubby, or basket designated to each person in your household and a timeline for when the laundry should be collected and put away.

If your family needs a little incentive to get involved, you can kill two birds with one simple idea. Have a jar for loose laundry money. At the end of a certain time, everyone who consistently separated and collected their laundry gets to divide the jar’s contents.

  1. Utilize All Your Space

A lot of homeowners focus on the immediate area atop their washer and dryer in thinking everything must go right there. In reality, your actual laundry supplies – bleach, stain remover, detergent, and fabric softener are the only necessities that need to go in this hotspot. Other supplies can be positioned in pull out storage, cubicles, and shelving away from the machinery.

Pull down ironing boards are a great space saver. The same for hanging systems that fit over the back of doors. Roll carts allow you the flexibility to move items around your space when and how you need them without digging, carrying, and disassembling to get what you need where you need it. Invest in a drying rod that’s mounted across a vertical corner or overhead where other laundry components won’t fit.

  1. Get Yourself Some Add Ons

You might not be able to add on to your laundry room, but the machinery itself may have add on options, such as pedestal drawers, that can create space where you didn’t think it was possible. You can also make your own pedestals.

If you have front load washers, it’s fairly easy to buy a prefab countertop or construct one yourself. Washer/dryer countertops fit right over your machines so that you can sort and fold. You can even put an insert in the counter for a slim ironing space to eliminate the traditional ironing board.

If your laundry room is multi-functional like in a bathroom or also serves as storage or a mud room, then give each component some dedication to help eliminate overflow and clutter from one area to the other. You’d be surprised at what just hanging a curtain between the two spaces will accomplish in keeping each organized.

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