5 Improvements That Will Add Value to a Home

A home is so many things to a great many different people. Some people just want a place to live while they’re making other plans. Others prefer to have a home that expresses their personality in every possible way and lets them put down roots. For everyone, a home is ultimately where they place their money. When people pay a mortgage, they start to increase their home’s equity. The homeowner who is thinking about improving their home should think carefully. A well chosen home improvement not only makes the home far more functional for the occupants. It also makes it possible for the owners to earn money on the home when they put it up for sale.

Attic Bedroom

In many instances, an attic is largely wasted space. It’s just there. This makes it a prime candidate for a home improvement project. Taking that attic and turning into a bedroom can vary depending on many factors. You might find all you need is a closet and you’re all set. On the other hand, you might also need to put in windows, add a separate staircase and even lift the roof slightly to accommodate the changes you want made. Now is the time to see exactly what needs to be done. Have a professional come along and give you a detailed opinion before taking any further steps.

Extra Bathroom

Buyers want a bathroom. Even an extra half bathroom can pay off in the long-term. Think about where you’re going to place the new bath. A bathroom downstairs is an ideal addition for that extra bedroom. A full bath can serve as a showplace that impresses your buyer. You’ll want to take into account factors such as the kinds of materials you’re using and the finishes you want. Keep in mind adding plumbing of any kind can vastly add to your overall costs. If you can fit the bathroom into the existing plumbing structure you can get the bath of your dreams.

Finishing a Basement

A basement can be wasted space or it can be anything from a game room to space for those out of town guests. Updating your basement is an easy way to get a lot more space in your home often at a far less cost. A few simple changes may be all that’s needed to make it that hideaway. Putting down new flooring and adding a window can add light and bring the basement up to local building codes. If you are thinking about doing something more, make sure you have a good idea of the layout of the basement and where everything leads.

Minor Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Anyone who is thinking about a home remodeling project should pay special attention to this part of the house. A remodeling project doesn’t need to be major in order for it to make the kitchen more appealing to the eye and easier to use. Even a small change can make a big difference. For example, someone might choose to reface the kitchen kitchen cabinets by pulling them down and repainting. This can help bring in a lighter, more updated feel to the entire space at far less cost.

Redoing the Front Porch

A front porch is the first thing people see when they see your home. You want that area to say something really good immediately. It’s very easy to redo this part of your home for very little expense. If you have a nice porch, a few cans of paint can spiff it up quickly. A new door adds pizzazz and does not cost much. Plants in colorful planters are another easy fix that can bring in personality and will not break your little budget. Little touches like these are a wonderful way to bring in that all important curb appeal.

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