5 Innovative Ways to Express Your Love


Can you guess who is more likely to say, “I love you” first, the man or the woman? According to an article published by Psychology Today, it is the men who are likely to take 42 days less on average than women to confess their love using these three magical words. Surprising, isn’t it? Given the fact that women are much more emotionally expressive and sensitive, it is quite hard to believe that it is the man who is more vocal of his inner  feelings.

However, when we have to tell a person how much love we hold in our heart for them, those three words seem to fall short. Even when you are saying “I Love You,” it becomes important that the person who receives this message knows that you truly mean it. This also means that you should be sure that you mean it and are not using those magical three words out of peer pressure or mere  infatuation.

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Here are a few other ways a man can creatively express how much he loves his significant  other.

5 Creative Ways to Express Your  Love

  • Be Thoughtful: Women always complain that men do not care to remember important dates and occasions. If you are able to prove them wrong, your woman will fall for you each time you remember what she expected you to forget. Show the same thoughtfulness in remembering the grocery list, making bill payments and more. This could be great way to tell her how much you love her.

  • Get into the Habit of Listening: Here comes another complaint from women. Women are considered to be more vocal about their feelings and they truly appreciate a man who actively listens to every single bit of it.

  • Always Be Her Backup: Wouldn’t you like to help your partner when she needs help the most? A true lover always does. However, when it comes to expressing love, you have to also be able to understand things she isn’t saying to you! Offer her help not just with the domestic chores but also by supporting her career and fulfilling all her financial needs, even if she hasn’t asked for it.

  • Shower Kisses:It is said that kisses are never enough when they come from someone who truly loves you. The more the kisses; more will be the affection she feels. Other than kissing on the lips, kisses on the forehead also work wonders when you want to show her that you always want to keep her protected and safe.

  • Use Non-Verbal Cues: Have you ever seen the way a woman melts when she receives that romantic glance from her partner? Similarly, the way you hold her hand, comfort her and more, tells a lot about the way you feel about her. It you are feeling it strongly, you will never need to say “I love you” to express your feelings, although it does help to say it sometimes.

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