5 Internship Ideas to Consider while in College

Internships offer an amazing opportunity to build your network and boost your lackluster resume. Attending one will equip you with hands-on skills and invaluable experiences that will be essential to your future career. Today, competition is fiercer than ever before. Most students would do anything to land their dream jobs. During summer breaks, students are often tempted to stay at home and binge-watch. However, this often has detrimental effects on your   resume.

Employers are now more willing to offer internship gigs to passionate students. There’s an array of skills you can learn during internship, but you need that extra push if you’re to  succeed.

Here are 5 internship ideas to consider while in  college:

  • Enroll in an alcohol and substance abuse recovery center

Substance addiction is a life-threatening condition that causes individuals to get hooked to drugs and alcohol. If not nipped in the bud, addiction could lead to a drastic deterioration in physical and mental health. There are many addiction recovery centers that offer internship opportunities to students. Enrolling in one such center is a wonderful idea – you’ll not only be guiding patients on their path to full recovery but you’ll also be improving your resume immensely. Check out www.ridgefieldrecovery.com for more information.

  • Decide on your future career goals

Prior to joining internship, first think about which path you’d like to take career-wise. Grab your notepad and list down the stuff you really want to do going forward. When this is accomplished, conduct some research to find out the diverse occupations that exist in your particular field. List down those jobs that tickle your fancy, then use this list as a threshold when applying for internships.

  • Network with potential employers

It’s important to network vigorously when looking for a job or internship opportunity. Out of every 10 jobs advertised, 8 are found through recommendation or individual connections. So don’t rule out the power of networking just yet. Attend relevant events that allow you to network widely with like-minded professionals within your industry. Remember, birds of a feather flock together.

  • Paid vs unpaid internships

It feels good when you get paid for your enormous contributions during internship. However, unpaid internship gigs have been gradually increasing in the past decades. Don’t view internship as an opportunity to get a nice buck. Rather, see it as a great place to learn. Before applying for an unpaid internship, ask yourself whether the experience you acquire there is worth your money and time. Weigh your different options and pick what best works for  you.

  • Be passionate about what you’ll be  doing

Always wear a smile when talking to your potential employer. Startup companies prefer hiring passionate, energetic students who are willing to learn an assortment of industry skills. Even if you attend an Ivy League college but lack the zealousness required to work in a particular internship role, the employer will be unenthusiastic about hiring you. So always be positive and dress appropriately when attending an internship interview. Don’t worry too much if the gig is unpaid – you could end up landing your dream job if you’re patient and dedicated  enough.

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